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    F/a-18x black wasp

    I might be wrong , but I think the GBU39 supports GPS targeting. But when I equip the GBU38 it doesn't come up with an option for GPS targeting. Also, is there a way to get the GBU39 when using external weapons?
  2. Looking in the config viewer: Tan - A3_GPNVG18_F Black - A3_GPNVG18_BLK_F Tan with battery - A3_GPNVG18b_F Black with battery - A3_GPNVG18b_BLK_F Edit Just updated and noticed that there is now also Recon models: Tan Recon - A3_GPNVG18_REC_F Black Recon - A3_GPNVG18_REC_BLK_F Tan with battery Recon - A3_GPNVG18b_REC_F Black with battery Recon - A3_GPNVG18b_REC_BLK_F