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  1. Did development on the Arma 2 map stop with the version that came with Epoch 1062? Do you have any plans to complete it for DayZ SA? It would be a shame to let this gem of a map disappear.
  2. My question. Is i44 (v2.666) compatible with the LEGACY version of Arrowhead ? I need Legacy to play Dayz derivatives else I can't connect. But I feel that the legacy build does not work, because I have loading errors (of the kind that only appeared pre-corepatches, or if you had'nt copied your Arma2/addons folder into the common folder) http://]http://imgur.com/a/c6CnO And although a couple of the SP missions will run ONE TIME ONLY, they cannot be reivisited, and others cannot be loaded at all due to a massive popup list of addons "that have been deleted". This even happens when loading a saved game from 12 hours ago. So I am wondering. Is it not legacy compatible ?
  3. Right Click on Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead in Steam. Select PROPERTIES. Select LAUNCH OPTIONS add -mod=@CBA;@i44 (or whatever your CBA and Invasion 44 folders are called) CLICK OK. Launch Or create a Steam shortcut (below LAUNCH OPTIONS), and add the -mod= line to the shortcut.
  4. Awesome map Falconsan. If Sauerland and Celle were to have a baby, it's name would be Ruegen ! I was just playing on the pve Overpoch server, and took afew screenies of some minor issues, before I totally forgot and just explored the map in awe !! Whomever made the Epoch Traders for your map seems to have only utilized the northern part of the map. Kind of a shame. But the full map IS way too big for Epoch I didn't embed the image, because it's like 7000 pixels tall. Here's a link. http://imgur.com/YWws4E6 Also, the map is listed on Dayz Launcher, but there is no download option for it !! (not your fault I know) The one server that there is, DZL loads incorrectly as just basic Overpoch. So you have to load it manually in this order -MODS=@DayzRuegen;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch @DayzRuegen was just my choice of name. There is no folder name in your download (haven't tried Armaholic link) and obviously DZL is no help here.
  5. abarsby


    Yes, I have the standard non experimental/beta version. (This was about the game not progressing after the loading bar had filled up)
  6. abarsby


    How long do you have to wait after the loading bar reaches maximum for the game to run ? I waited around 5 minutes before giving up. Did the Eden update break the mod ? It does just require the mod and CBA yes ?