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  1. Hi Vandeanson, Seems that we're getting an error with the BIS_fnc_findSafePos function: _VD_BC_Spawn = [getPosATL _player, VD_SpawnMinDist, VD_SpawnMaxDist, 0, 0, 0.4, 0, ["VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_1","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_2","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_3","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_4","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_5","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_6","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_7","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_8","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_9","VD_Debug_BlacklistArea_10"]] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; It's unhappy about the blacklist markers, if I leave the blacklist array empty, it works. It doesn't look like there is anything wrong with the args in your code according the wiki so maybe this issue was recently introduced with the latest version of the game? Any workaround? Here is the error: if (_this isEqualTypeArray [[], 0, 0, 0, false]) e> 17:28:44 Error position: <isEqualTypeArray [[], 0, 0, 0, false]) e> 17:28:44 Error isequaltypearray: Type String, expected Array 17:28:44 File A3\functions_f\Misc\fn_getArea.sqf [BIS_fnc_getArea], line 30 17:28:44 Error in expression <s, rectangular _this, -1]};