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  1. Hey. So I am building a mission in which a convoy has to get from Southern Takistan Airfield to the Northern Airfield. The mission is using RHS units for the players and Leight's opfor for the enemies. I have placed a number of DAC zones to spawn civilians in each of the villages along the way and a number of enemy zones for ambush points along the route. I have used DAC numerous times and if I have any problems, the readme generally points out the errors in my ways. However this time, I can't seem to find the answer to my problem. So I have about 16 Civ zones that start the mission all deactivated, with triggers to activate them when the players get near them. This works perfectly, however, when the players leave the trigger, the Zones are deactivating, but not deleting the unit's created by the zone. All the Ind zones activate and deactivate perfectly, just the Civ zones do not. I have gone through the Readme and either haven't looked at the right spot, or the information I am looking for is not there. Can anyone tell me where I should be looking to fix the Civ zones? Having them all active by the end of the mission is killing server FPS even with Headless client enabled. I am using Script version of DAC with the initzones.sqf to initialise the zones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: So after some more investigating. I have concluded that it is the side Civilian that is having the issue. Doesn't matter what behaviour or unit pool I choose from. When I class the zones as Civ, they don't delete the units upon deactivating. They also don't delete the unit's when a zone is deleted. Hopefully this helps to get to the bottom of the issue.
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    Ok, I am loving the idea of the Medivac option and want to start using it. Since my group is mostly 20 man missions. I was wanting to put in a Medical Vehicle that can follow the main assault and be used to get the injured back into the action. So far, I have successfully gotten the Medivac to work on a trigger. However I can't get it to work on a Vehicle. I synced the module to the Vehicle and no luck, changed the vehicle to a HEMTT Medical and still nothing, Even found the post on the AGM website. Still no luck. "2.1 Defining a unit as a medic You can also set individual units as medics by using the following init line: this setVariable ["AGM_IsMedic", true]; You can also use this on vehicles, to turn them into medical vehicles." I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT - Ok so did some more testing. I could get the Medivac working when the Vehicle was a playable unit, however it wasn't linked to the vehicle. It was linked to the playable unit inside the vehicle. I was able to get the Medivac system to work when synchronised to static objects. Just not to unmanned vehicles. Bug Report Logged. - https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/issues/1853