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  1. System Information : Windows 10 64 Bit Norton 360 Anti Virus Arma 3 Apex installed in default Steam folder. Issue : On every server i get kicked out saying that signature check failed. I already added exception of Steam Folder in Norton Antivirus also added all .exe application in firewall to allow them. Everytime there is a random signature check fail as i ask my friends the reason i get kicked. I deleted all my .bisign file and .bikeys file and used verify game file cache and still getting kicked. Being asking this on Discord but didnt helped so waiting if more community players or developers can help me out.
  2. ktandel

    CTI - Air Superiority

    Armaholic Link version is not yet updated. Will upload on it soon.
  3. CTI - Capture the Island NATO vs OPFOR taking on battle in Air with Attack Helicopters and Jets. Capture the Island 75% to drain enemy tickets within 1 hour of time and respawn tickets are also added . Time : 1hour Start Time : 6 AM (can be changed via parameters section) Tickets : 1000 Respawn : Back to base and it spawns in waves Steam Workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659300246 Jets DLC Version : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930044987 Jets DLC Version does not contains Helicopters and has newly added Jets DLC Vehicles. Also both the teams now start from AIrcraft Carrier instead of Airbases . For Re-Arm there are area marked on Map have couple of Airfields where anyone can land and do Rearming, Repairing as well as Refueling . Also be advised this area are Enemies Exposed so watch out before you land. I was working on this project from Long time and didnt upload on Arma 3 Forums yet. Here we have . Air Superiority is still in development mode and working on new and new several features adding to the mission. Credits : 1) TAW for TAW View Distance Script 2) NRE for NRE Earplugs Script 3) Quicksilver : Based on Pad Repair Script and Credit script.
  4. Arma 3 has been increasing players daily to daily basis. With this i would like to ask all community members whether Arma 3 should be having Community Cup ? With this will bring more and more players to develop their skills and their time given to the game also. BI should bring this official cup for Arma 3. The last cup was limited entry. We would like to have Open 256 Bracket to final stage cup for Arma 3. Also we can use Units new feature to get more and more communities to get registered and play together in the Community Cup The perfect mission will be end game ofcourse.
  5. Can you confirm from what all folders did you clear all the files ?
  6. Can anyone let me know what all .exe has to be passed through firewall in order to make it 100 % . I added the following in Firewall 1) Arma3.exe 2) Arma3launcher.exe 3) Arma3Battleye.exe 4) Arma3Server.exe 5) battleye/beservice.exe 6) battleye/beservice_64.exe This are all the exe i have added to the firewall . If i have missed anything let me know.
  7. Yes i did try and getting the same issue. Have someone else faced the same issue.
  8. Recently after the new update the Arsenal has stop showing us what item belongs to what mods with their icon. Before this update we were able to see in Arsenal. Specially with RHS mods and other weapon type mods we were easily able to define what mods do they belong to. We no longer have this option. Can someone check it please.
  9. ktandel

    Helicopter fastrope script

    I am trying to use this script but as soon as pilot gets inside the chopper even when on ground he has option to Fast Rope. I wanted to add a function if condition that if its above 5 m - 10 m then only it should show. Otherwise the Toss Ropes option should not pop as if you do while on ground the chopper ATRQ are getting broken.
  10. Most of the people are able to download but issue comes after downloading half of the mods that they stuck at position. Need to use Pause and Play button again to activate it again. There is no major else problem with it.
  11. Major Shepard if we keep Timeout and Read time to be 0 will it work even. As in FTP it is 0 for unlimited. There are lots of people in my community facing the same issues.
  12. ktandel


    This mission after new update seems to be broken for some reason. As per my RPT file it seems to be missing a addon of 3DEN . I think you are currently using Eden Editor which is unplayable on new update
  13. This is a very good scripts that allow us to understand the physics of the bullet. We in community run ACE3 and it also helped us there running the whole projectile tracing. We run a training ground mission for getting to how to use stuff of the mods and game. I am trying to force only officer can remove the projectile. No other person can have the option to remove the projectile trace. My Variable name for officer is Officer_blu