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  1. Public Arma2 gaming event today evening! Saturday, 2014-05-03, 1700 UTC. Schedule Date: Saturday, 2014-05-03 Tech-Check: 1530 UTC Leader's meeting: 1640 UTC Event Start: 1700 UTC Expected Duration: 4 hours (Join in progress is only possible for technical problems. If you want to join you have to be there on time with your game and Teamspeak ready.) Background Bosnian War, 2 September 1995, during the NATO aerial campaign Operation Deliberate Force. Military clashes between the Bosnian Serb Republic (SR) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) which is backed by NATO and several other nations. In addition to the aerial campaign, several special operations were conducted within the SR. One of these operations for the purposes of gathering intelligence was conducted by a small unit of the United States Navy SEALs. After missing two reports which were scheduled on 01SEP95 at 2215 and at 2350, Operation Glass Shard was called into action to skim Napf, a Bosnian-Serb island that contains one of the higher-level air force headquarters which was to be infiltrated by the SEALs. OPORD for the Rangers. If you are on one of the Unknown slots, please refer from reading this. You (on the Unknown slots) are not allowed to use any knowledge gained in this document in the event. List of Slots (sign-up rules/sign up here!) United States Army Ranger Rifle Squad (1st SQD, 2nd PLT, C CO, 2nd Bn, 75th Rgr Rgt) Headquarters #1 Squad Leader - MSG - M4A1, M203 » Raptor [AST] Alpha Team #2 Fire Team Leader - SSG - M4A1 » LessLuck (reserve: Captain) #3 Automatic Rifleman - SGT - M249 » Struis #4 Grenadier - SPC - M4A1, M203 #5 Anti-Air Specialist - SPC - M4A1, FIM-92 Stinger Bravo Team #6 Fire Team Leader - SGT - M4A1 » Tim [AST] #7 Automatic Rifleman - CPL - M249 #8 Grenadier - CPL - M4A1, M203 #9 Designated Marksman - SPC - M21 » Captain Platoon Medic (from HQ, 2nd PLT, C CO) #10 Medic - SGT - M4A1 » (Luis [AST]) AT Team (from AT SCT, 4th PLT, C CO) #11 Anti-Tank Specialist - SGT - M4A1, M3 MAAWS » Booone [AST] #12 Assistant Anti-Tank Specialist - SPC - M4A1 Unknown (get their briefing 3 hours before the event via PM) #13 Man » Viking #14 Man » Fluffy #15 Man #16 Man Classification Public; sign-up required. Organizer Booone Requirements to Join Working equipment and TeamSpeak 3. ArmA II set up to play on our server. Required Mods Download via Play withSIX (see tutorial) • @ACE • @ACEX • @ACEX_RU • @ACEX_USNavy • @ACEX_SM • @ACRE • @CBA_CO • @JayArma2Lib • @BALKAN_WAR_MOD • @vilas_wwp • @vilas_aks • @Napf • @mbg_buldings3 • @mbg_gen_afr_buldings • @mbg_killhouses • @mbg_buildings2_eu • @mbg_buildings2 • @rh_m14 • @asr_rh_m14_ace Servers ArmA II: AST|Tactical Server ( TS3: Advanced Squad Tactics ( Notes Red slots Slots marked red are critical for the mission and possibly require (like leaders or operators of special weapons) more preparation than other slots. Thus, they get their own reserve. If you sign up for another slot, please specify if you would also be ready to take over one of the red slots of need be - this obviously means that you also have to prepare accordingly. It is not possibly to sign up for red-slot-reserve with an uncertain sign-up. Leaders The following slots are considered leaders and, thus, are required to attend the leader's meeting: #1, #2, #6, and #11. If you sign up for these slots, but cannot attend the leader's meeting you are to designate a representative from your team that will attend the meeting for you.
  2. Advanced Squad Tactics In Unity There is Strength Welcome to the Official BI Forums Page of the Advanced Squad Tactics Team We are a multi-gaming clan and community focused on serious, realistic, and immersive gameplay in tactical first person shooters, namely ARMA II and SWAT 4 - and we are also beginning to set foot in ARMA III. We use game-independent real-life tactics and procedures to accomplish objectives while creating a realistic atmosphere. Teamwork, voice-communication and a mature attitude are mandatory for us during virtual combat. Still, we are not dead-serious in gaming; joking around has its place as well - that is, however, not in deployments. How we play ARMA ARMA II is a military simulation game that can be played in a lot of different ways. However we, as a team, have dedicated ourselves to a single way of playing the game. Summed up, in ARMA II, we strive for several key elements: Most possible realism in terms of surroundings and environment. • We refrain from using unrealistic features (or bugs) that are present in the game. For example digital crosshairs or playing in third person. • Additionally, we enhance the game with the use of modifications to provide more realism (most importantly ACE and ACRE). Infantry making up the main component of most scenarios. • We put our main focus on infantry gameplay and tactics, and infantry-only (or infantry as main component) scenarios. • This does not mean we never play missions where vehicles or aerial forces may make up the main part. Scenarios being realistic and imaginable. • The military conflicts and scenarios we play are no non-sense conflicts. For example a conflict between the United States and the United Kingdom would find no place with us. • Scenarios with limited realism, but a certain degree of imaginability, for example a military conflict between the United States and Russia are possible. Backgrounds play a big role in being immersed. Immersion in being a soldier. • This also means a certain degree of role-play. A soldier that has just been shot down would not say “I’m down, I need someone to heal me†in an annoyed voice right afterwards. • Atmosphere is important. We aim to preserve by limiting the possible sources of disturbance during gameplay. It also is not a bad thing to live in a household which forgives you to get a little louder in a session. • You play one person. And a person that could actually exist. If you are in the role of the corpsman, you can generally not fly planes or helicopters. Adjusting to the force we play. • Different forces (be it military or police forces) use different troop setups and command structures. We aim to provide a realistic gameplay of several different forces. Get in touch • Website and Forums • YouTube Channel • Xfire Community • Steam Group • TeamSpeak 3 (Address: How you can play with us To be able to play with us, you need to obtain server access for which you can apply by filling out a very small form here. If you consider yourself experienced and have your game set up to play, you might also check out the events section in our forums for public events or drop by on our TS3 to see if anyone is up to play. If you have any more questions about the team, feel free to ask one of our members on our TS3, shoot me a PM here or drop by on our forums. More players mean more fun. But to really enjoy it, everyone needs to be up-to-date on the technical level. We know how troubling it can be to set up ARMA II, which is why we work to make the process of actually getting to play with us as easy as possible. Check out the mods we use and find out how to install them in our forums. If you are having problems installing them on your own, feel free to ask our members for technical support (note: we do not provide technical support only 20 minutes before our sessions start, being ready on time is important). Make sure you are set at least a few hours before a session with us and ask for help, if needed. Every minute you are late, everyone would have to wait for you.
  3. Timezone/location: International Gamemode preference: Military simulation (through ACE and ACRE) Website address: http://ast.ucoz.org/ Short description: We focus on having a realistic, immersive and atmospheric experience with the game. We take the game seriously, emplying real-life tactics and procedures, portraying a variety of military (or police) forces accurately - that is fun for us. Language: English