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  1. Your right. I wasn't trying to offend. Your your right. it wasn't halo 4. It was halo 2 anniversary multiplayer warthog. They use the halo 4 warthog model in it, why i was thinking halo 4. But h2a mp color scheme is way darker


    Other then that. Reflection wise. Looks good. but taro is right. It does look like a plastic toy lol ^-^

    Once it gets scratches and dings in it like the pelican. It'll look tops

    The texture has plenty of scratches and dings in it, though currently the RVmat needs some work to show that. Not a problem, ArmA 3 has a wierd way of treating specular maps.

  2. New beginnings are always so exciting :) Anyways, my post about this way back when in the TEI thread was ignored by the team for some reason but here goes. Given the current situation, when you guys eventually work on new USMC armor/troops, could you give them more pouches and other gear? TEI version looked too clean and bare bones (IMO of course). I'm hoping you guys will still use Halo Reach as a reference for this. Thanks!

    I don't see why not. We did this for the new ODST, so we should easily be able to do it for the other units.

  3. I, too, am pulling my assets from the project. This has gone on far too long. People may not see it, but a whole team doesn't just disappear for no reason.

    Those assets are - Pelican model/texture, Warthog model/texture, HEV model/texture, Shotgun model/texture, BR55 model/texture, UNSC marines, army and ODSTs model/texture.

    @Kristian + @Baconide, team is ironing it all out. ;)

    I'm really sorry it had to come to the nonsense, and the community has the right to make a decision as to who is guilty and who is the victim, but know that this wasn't made in a split-second. This decision was avoided for as long as possible, and it's only now that it has come to this. I also apologise to the admins if this is considered spam, I'd just like for it to be known what assets I'm pulling from any future mod updates.