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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to this scripting/coding gig, so I was following a tutorial that supplied its own template for a weapon import. Unfortunately, upon running binPBO, it won't binarize the file because of a few errors. I'll post both below. Code: http://pastebin.com/cgqE2Ctg Log file: http://pastebin.com/4eZxEW30 Now it's funny because I made a slight change to the name and all of these errors appeared, now when I change it back nothing happens! I'm sure people here get "fix my config" threads every day, so I'm sorry for that!
  2. Hey guys. I created a map in Visitor 3 recently. I've got the PBO and bisign key all good to go, but I'm not sure how to get it working in the game/if it even works in ArmA 3. Is anything created in Visitor 3 compatible with ArmA 3?
  3. Thanks for the response. How do I check if my configs are at A3 standard?
  4. This has been posted by a few people, as I've seen. Problem here is that I haven't found a solution! Note that this one is called SurfaceMapLegend.png because I took the screenshot before I changed the name and paths. I have no idea what's going on, and I've tried at least 30 different ways of running it. I've tried changing the filetypes of my terrain, the name of the maplegend, etc. All of this hasn't worked for me! Apparently it's just a problem that happens but goes away with enough persistence and patience, but I just don't know! Please help! Layers.cfg: class Layers { class dirt { texture = "\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\ut_hlina_detail_co.png"; material="\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Datapch_arcadia_dirt.rvmat"; }; class grass { texture = "\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\cr_trava1_detail_co.png"; material="\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\pch_arcadia_grass.rvmat"; }; class urban { texture = "\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\ut_sterk_detail_co.png"; material="\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\pch_arcadia_urban.rvmat"; }; class sand { texture = "\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\cr_asfalt_detail_co.png"; material="\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Data\pch_arcadia_sand.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="\PCH_ArcadiaMap\Source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { dirt[]={{255,0,0}}; grass[]={{0,255,0}}; urban[]={{0,0,255}}; sand[]={{255,255,0}}; } };
  5. Still getting this bloody error. I've tried everything short of giving the map to someone else to try out. Do the /data images require each image to be pisek/trava/etc? Currently I have.. Edit: I changed all of the names of the diffuse and normal maps to coincide with the .rvmats.. still no dice. Doesn't work at all. Here are my project parameters: http://puu.sh/5GRLD.png Edit 2: Yes! I fixed the first part of my problem. Now I'm getting a slightly more tolerable error. Error saving 'p:\pch_arcadiamap\source\Layers\S_000_000_lco.png'. This is an easy fix, just gotta change the texture drive to my new P:\PCH What I changed was the way my files were ordered. It is currently P:\PCH\pch_arcadiamap\etc. I created a folder closer to P drive, and it worked!
  6. Stirls

    What happend to interactive vehicle doors?

    For one, you couldn't throw grenades into it. You could definitely shoot them out though.
  7. Quite cool to have the guy whose tutorial I just started following today comment on my thread. Hello! I'll give it another go. I'll just keep trying, I suppose. Do you know if this issue would persist if I was to migrate the files to another computer?
  8. Ohohohoh wow, this is a good fucking feeling. No binary errors. All done! Thanks guys! Now the next part is actually getting it to run in the game. I compared my config with an example config and found a whole section which I didn't need. Considering that I have no idea how to create airburst explosive ammunition, I removed a whole section from the CfgAmmo line. The problem there was I didn't remove it from my CfgMagazines, so the file was trying to look for a non-existent code. I'll update if I have any troubles getting it into ArmA 3. Edit #1: Getting the no entry bin config.bin/Cfgweapons.pch_r_akab when I try to put my gun onto a rifleman. The initialization code is: removeallweapons this; this addweapon "pch_r_akab"
  9. surpher, the folder I'm trying to pack is called PCH_R_AKAB. Perhaps that's why? It goes @ProjectChaos\addons\PCH_ResistanceWeps\PCH_R_AKAB\(data/models/etc are here) HJohnson, I appreciate the file cleanup, man. That actually removed a lot of my errors! I'm still getting some smaller ones. I'm going to restructure the base classes now. There's an error in regards to the base file which I can fix, thanks to you guys! Latest errors: http://pastebin.com/BQctQh0h Any tips on what I could do to get rid of the "end of file" error?
  10. Good catch. I'll have to remember not to add spaces. However, the file still won't binarize. Thanks though.
  11. Stirls

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Very good point. (Your profile picture is quite fitting, considering your role!) I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Nice work.
  12. Stirls

    Is there a need for modeling videos?

    Oh, please do. I'm having a lot of trouble with importing my models to A3.