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  1. iTzBam, here you go! Just fixing some stuff up, adding some UNSC medic logos. Rest easy knowing you were the reason I actually got started on it!
  2. Nice work, Scorch. All those lights are looking bad ass!
  3. ODST Medic: http://puu.sh/bUCPH/0651ef7677.png (1271 kB) ODST Rifleman: http://puu.sh/bUCGA/5bd3d74559.png (1250 kB) Enjoy!
  4. How many children do you have? Damn, son. Damn. Thanks for all the kind words guys. We just want to make this mod the best damn HALO recreation the world has ever seen!
  5. We should make a uniform that specifically has no pants for this purpose.
  6. Vest is done. Two down, coveralls to go. Also included the medic helmet you'll see in-game. http://puu.sh/bRVQG/0c2115a4ef.png (2999 kB)
  7. We have a lot of helmet variants ready for the ODST. Here are a few combinations. http://puu.sh/bQBvj/aa4389ddba.png (1762 kB) Comparison between the two helmets: http://puu.sh/bQBEW/c0be48cbf9.png (1054 kB)
  8. Very nice work, Bradster. Here's my recon helmet. Had to remodel the low poly, so I think this is my first actual model. Regardless, going to touch this up tomorrow. Fix the seams and stuff.
  9. And Stirls' really sick textures too! ;) They really look a lot better without glossy rvmats. Daymn, son.
  10. A lot of us are working away at our respective things. Sorry! More things to come.
  11. I like the second one a lot. Really cool.
  12. Shotgun! All textured. There's a tan variant AND a flashlight attachment, too. I can't take credit for the low or high poly, it's all thanks to Martynball from Deviant Art. What a guy! http://martynball.deviantart.com/
  13. If you look at the image of the actual textures I've posted prior, you'll see that the brightness and colour is relatively matched and discernable between each piece. I think it's just the RVmats, but we'll be tweaking the colours to make them look good of course! Cmon, you think I'd let it look all strange and mismatched? ;) Dog's just using it for rigging.
  14. Helmet is done. A few variants will be available, here's one of them. http://puu.sh/bf32u/2f04ce378a.jpg (137 kB)
  15. Fuck yeah, I shall sacrifice the newborn to my texturing overlords. Desert pattern (thanks to Burgess for the pattern itself): http://puu.sh/bdzci/c6c7ee7f73.jpg (276 kB)
  16. Here's the final UNSC soldier. Working on some camouflage pattern variants really quickly I reckon. http://puu.sh/bdtdc/afb3d7bbae.jpg (111 kB) And without a vest or helmet:
  17. First time I've seen these myself. Simply fantastic work, Dog! ;)
  18. Just abandon all pants until release.
  19. Thanks, everyone ^_^ ---------- Post added at 21:36 ---------- Previous post was at 21:35 ---------- And yeah, Penguin, it's me! Only after the dutch princess is rescued under the cover of moonlight!
  20. Armour WIP. Might scratch it up some more, to match the helmet. http://puu.sh/b5Qc6/db860a2509.jpg (206 kB) http://puu.sh/b5Qyi/147c4d3439.jpg (246 kB)
  21. UNSC Helmet. Excuse the typo. http://puu.sh/b3hzv/320db2c3a0.jpg (837 kB)
  22. Searched everywhere. Can't find a link to it. ---------- Post added at 08:50 ---------- Previous post was at 07:55 ---------- Nevermind. Found a link for them here: https://community.bistudio.com/wikidata/images/a/a7/A3_Character_Examples_1.1.zip
  23. This is in no way mine. However, I do suggest you check it out. A link to the download can be found here: https://disk.yandex.com/public/?hash=g2j5%2BWx4Z6fy0pdKPbhdg56kTBxD71feH3M9td//Ay8%3D I believe the guy who made this doesn't have an account on the BI Forums. If he does, or this has already been posted, I apologise.
  24. Stirls

    PiP Scopes Mod

    The file is there, but I can't seem to get it to work. Very barebones. If only someone could work it into something more usable.. (hint hint)