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  1. Heads up, normals of the interior of the Pelican are being baked. Textures shouldn't take long!
  2. http://puu.sh/ddR3n/20ed2b72af.jpg (628 kB) Quick update. UV's done. Onto the high poly. http://puu.sh/dfadJ/e9d42f16c6.jpg (173 kB)
  3. Been away from the mod for a while. Back on the horse now, here's a majority of the Pelican: http://puu.sh/dcCYn/5d08d8acf6.jpg (118 kB) The original model is by TheDog, but I'm currently in the process of optimizing and retopologising it. ETA 1 week.
  4. Work on the pelican texture begins on the weekend. Be excited!
  5. That's really cool news to hear. Can't wait to see what you guys do with the mod :)
  6. As modellers and texture artists, we've put quite a bit of work into creating very minute details for each and every new asset. Not only this, but we aim to optimize so that you can have many, many objects in one area without big amounts of lag. Most of my textures are 2048x maps, the vehicles and attachments being our biggest at 4096. Fingers crossed this filesize doesn't impact performance too much. The vehicles have also been optimized to a nice 7-10k tris for vehicles and characters. If the public opinion that the textures are sub-par once the mod is released, we'll take that into consideration. And don't worry about language barriers. None of our assets are imported, either. They're all made by the kind lads helping push this mod to release :)
  7. Oh Bradster, marry me. Also, we have many different variants for the marines.
  8. Duuude! Bad-ass!! Now the fun part (/s)! Rvmats and shadow LODs!
  9. The entire team is still debating the whole idea of SPARTANs, so I won't speak absolutely, but if those big mothers are to be implemented it will only be their armour. The actual augmented humans is quite ambitious and really just adds to the whole complicated scope of the mod.
  10. Final Warthog attachment setpiece: Anti-aircraft guns. http://puu.sh/cBAgL/1613075cb8.jpg (697 kB)
  11. Oh wow, that screenshot is near perfect. Hahahahaha! AT Cannon completed. One more to go: AA. http://puu.sh/cyCbE/202b46a64f.jpg (1292 kB) ---------- Post added at 08:42 ---------- Previous post was at 08:01 ---------- Also, here's another screen of the hog in-game. http://puu.sh/cyDrY/07fd79efc2.jpg (913 kB)
  12. Gauss cannons: http://puu.sh/cwYay/6885c739fc.jpg (1403 kB)
  13. Not giving anything away! Working on the gauss cannon. No shields though. Can't see shit with them on, and it's not like you aren't being covered by a giant gun anyway. http://puu.sh/cwf1E/a4434f8352.jpg (106 kB)
  14. If what we're planning goes ahead, you'll be anticipating the mod A LOT more. Trust me. Something massive. #tease
  15. Insurrectionist Warthog Used to transport troops. http://puu.sh/cvHAN/b3dafaeb37.jpg (1038 kB)
  16. Oh, no, I'm working on the Falcon shortly after working on the Pelican. No promises, but it could be out on first release.
  17. If this mod gets sent C&D from 343/Microsoft just before release, I'm probably going to pop an aneurysm. MG Warthog http://puu.sh/ctReF/a514246e30.jpg (1497 kB) Dusty 501 http://puu.sh/ctRyH/17e3737f4c.jpg%27 (137 kB) Night Mother http://puu.sh/ctRvS/3327a3427b.jpg (136 kB) Snow Print http://puu.sh/ctTra/096f973551.jpg (182 kB) Innie Makeover http://puu.sh/ctTsp/b392b911c8.jpg (158 kB) ODST and Marine snow camo ODST Snow Marine Snow --- Lots of cover for multiple biomes! Shall be interesting to see how these are all used.
  18. http://puu.sh/cs1yH/115e907cc4.jpg (1304 kB) Thanks for all of the kind words. More of an update here. ---- Update as of now, finished the troop carrier variant. http://puu.sh/csGcl/e8a090f026.jpg (142 kB) http://puu.sh/csG9z/04733ed2f8.jpg (170 kB)
  19. Final spare variants. Tan and night, as well as a "destroyed" variant. http://puu.sh/crbYL/69c6c01dbc.jpg (709 kB)
  20. http://puu.sh/cr4o0/9426343b51.jpg (945 kB) Variant 1 complete! Three colours to go.
  21. Badass, Bradster! Can't wait to see those in-game. UV Wrapping is done. Looking nice and even. http://puu.sh/cpWkO/ed141a8f37.jpg (109 kB)
  22. Cheers, lad. Update on the Warthog, too. High Poly is in the works, low poly retopology is done. Dog made all of the original models (beautifully), but to actually create high-poly geo I need to retopologise. http://puu.sh/coDDj/f0002ce691.jpg (206 kB)
  23. Completed HEV Drop Pod: http://puu.sh/cmR7W/72e0ac6057.jpg (1840 kB) http://puu.sh/cmOkL/fe6843fe78.jpg (246 kB)
  24. Finished the bake, as well. Textures tomorrow! http://puu.sh/cm7v1/aa0cbd9cb7.png (1399 kB)
  25. How's this for more images! Lots of detail work going into the making of this pod. Should look real nice. Low poly retopo is all done and dusted. It's time to get down to business! http://puu.sh/clY5R/3ba166eff7.jpg (159 kB)