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  1. Yeah. Happened to the warthogs too. I think we fixed that, so this should be the same ^_^
  2. Uniforms are pretty much done. As Space said, the RVMats are the last thing that has to be done. The only thing we would *possibly* tweak further is brightness settings of the textures. For example, the ODST helmets are incredibly bright (due to RVMats I believe). This is also why the sniper's visor is so light in comparison :P
  3. Few more images. http://i.imgur.com/vVqRnRX.jpg (459 kB) http://i.imgur.com/SCFbaVK.jpg (664 kB) http://i.imgur.com/KmfwOF4.jpg (370 kB) http://i.imgur.com/9nIbB9j.jpg (608 kB)
  4. Redoing parts of the ODST slowly. Just the helmet for now.
  5. It's not long now ICM. Every day our bugfix list gets smaller and smaller.
  6. Sorry about the pilot interiors by the way, guys. That was my fault for importing the wrong LOD! We've got a higher-res one with new textures that'll be reworked for the second release.
  7. New batch of screenshots. Some are a bit artsy ;) http://i.imgur.com/u52AgTf.jpg (369 kB) http://i.imgur.com/ojQD9jK.jpg (317 kB) http://i.imgur.com/0aoW20R.jpg (520 kB) http://i.imgur.com/EPxcT50.jpg (466 kB) http://i.imgur.com/KTmVAtK.jpg (306 kB) http://i.imgur.com/k1O6jur.jpg (327 kB) http://i.imgur.com/Wboho2p.jpg (266 kB)
  8. The Innies have been retextured, and their vests have been modified and retextured. They're sufficient and actually really fun to play! You might have to play in large numbers if you want to go up against the UNSC though. Innies drop against that 7.62 ammo.
  9. Here's the resupply capsule! Thanks to zero for the low poly model. Texture by myself. http://i.imgur.com/crEGM5h.jpg (119 kB)
  10. ODST Rucksack. http://puu.sh/fooL5/2fc4cacbf2.jpg (107 kB) http://puu.sh/fooG9/2764da9224.jpg (115 kB) http://puu.sh/fop3d/47a07c9d52.jpg (115 kB)
  11. We have a dude working on RVmats, and he seems to have created some good results. However, he's on break and hasn't released any yet afaik.
  12. Medkit is done. http://puu.sh/eYXRh/33f234698d.jpg (117 kB)
  13. http://puu.sh/eR3tL/91b027b4c5.jpg (106 kB) They just might do so. Biofoam. AFAIK, it will work the same as the yellow FAKs in game.
  14. I'd like to see some. Throw em up!
  15. You should've seen the fucker rotate. It span faster than a set of rotor blades when you hit "c" and "x". Hah!
  16. It's based on a VTOL.I think you'll be pleased. :)
  17. Revamped the uniform textures and camouflages with the guiding eye of Spacenavy today. We'll see how they fare in-game. http://puu.sh/ejpsf/e9244dfba3.jpg (1496 kB)
  18. Stirls hath returned from the beach. Greeted with the most badass looking rocket launcher I have ever seen. Let's get this mod out of the door, boys!
  19. Nah it's cool man. No hard feelings. There are bound to be discrepencies between the mod and actual game. Though we try :)
  20. Space and I fixed up the Marine texture. It's now a sexy tan which matches perfectly with the ones seen in Reach.
  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR! From all of the Aussies/NZers down here. As for a mission, it'll probably happen :P
  22. As part of a HALO mod, we need to create the ammo counters seen on many of the weapons. To do this, we need a way of creating this without taking up too much space or too much time. Using a series of individual planes to cycle through will really just eat up unnecessary space. Is there a way of changing a texture dynamically?
  23. Ruined some perfectly good chinos with this one.