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  1. You're gonna just have to chalk it up to license. We're not going to go back and redo entire models just because some of it isn't canon.
  2. Y'know what doesn't look cool? 1fps. Hahaha! Cool glitch by the way. How'd that even happen?
  3. Blastcore is a clientside mod. This means you see it, but noone else can. Examples of this can be seen with shacktac. Just because you have STHud enabled doesn't mean that everyone else gets it on their screen too. It runs independent of the server.
  4. Also, as for the helmet strap, it's part of the model but we haven't used it yet. We may never. Quick, everyone pressure spacenavy to add the chin strap! --- Edit: we'll be adding the chin strap later ;)
  5. Armour has actually had an upgrade thanks to you. We're not gonna make it exactly the same, but we're making do with what we have. http://puu.sh/gC03q/edb0b3d479.jpg (128 kB)
  6. Using them for underwater ops is actually a fucking great idea.
  7. I could include a UV map, sure. The files themselves are quite large, so I'm going to host them off of another server so people who dont wanna mess with textures dont have to download a 45mb PSD file for each part. http://puu.sh/gysfr/97142e0102.jpg (119 kB) http://puu.sh/gys1S/70c25fbc83.jpg (104 kB) http://puu.sh/gyrKd/57eea21324.jpg (104 kB) http://puu.sh/gyrJb/5ca291c309.jpg (124 kB)
  8. It's whatever we have in game currently. The UV's are still the same :)
  9. Had a bit of free time today, so I found myself reworking the ODST vest. This one is going to come with a template so any mod-modders out there can make their own stuff. Fair way to go yet. Also something else.. ;) http://puu.sh/gylyb/c68945cf04.jpg (125 kB)
  10. You'll also be getting a fixed up ODST uniform (read: the armour parts) and ODST vest. For alpha release the only one I could remake in time was the helmet. So ODSTs are gonna get a bit of a visual buff from many fronts!
  11. We will be making ODST fingerless gloves at some stage. I would also love to make that vest that Taro mocked up.
  12. Damn Taro. That is hot shit. I really want this in! hahahaha Calling Space! Earth to Space!
  13. Sorry man. Not yet. Maybe the update after? Who knows? Do I know? We'll have to see? What are questions?
  14. Well, the BR scope is actually meant to be flipped as is. The entire rifle is meant to be the other way around.
  15. Corvaillian, we will be reworking the battle rifle and ODST texture (except helmet). However, as for the model, it may remain as is. Best we can do is mess around with placement of the armour. Someone suggested on MODDB that we make the waist pieces smaller to give him the classic hero-triangle shape.
  16. You should be able to scroll and a have a red option appear which allows you to launch downwards.
  17. Bugsolving probably! I, for one, shift all blame to Github! Seriously though, we sunk a lot of hours into the release of this and can't wait to show you guys what we have in store. If you currently aren't satisfied with what is up for grabs, just wait a bit and come back to the forums/reddit to have a look.
  18. The problem with making objects driveable is that people can't move around while it's moving. You can't have people moving on em. Someone tried to solve movement on boats and stuff with AttachTo scripts, but I havent heard anything on that recently.
  19. http://i.imgur.com/TvLqIag.jpg (118 kB) http://i.imgur.com/eUZOdoI.jpg (103 kB) http://i.imgur.com/9LQuUG0.jpg (307 kB) http://i.imgur.com/7vNg9LD.jpg (202 kB)
  20. SMG isn't in-game yet. Zero is working hard to create the RVmats for everything else too. I had a sneak peak, and my god they are amazing.
  21. All cred goes to Zero and TheDidact for their beaut texture and model. I can only take credit for rendering it out.
  22. http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/26/25746/screenshot005.png (1212 kB)
  23. Sweet William Cigars. 2511 edition. The flower is a Sweet William flower. Couldn't find images of the actual cigar from in-game without it being covered by a face.. Yes, you'll be able to "equip" your character with one. And a bonus, but I'm not sure if we're bringing this one in:
  24. This is why Zero is the RVKing. Also, that uniform texture is massively outdated, for anyone going "what is that?"