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    F/A-18X Black Wasp

    So just an FYI, in case is can be possible in the future. While refueling with the USAF mods Stratotanker, it refuels only the fuel in the jet. IDK if it can be made to refuel the attached tanks but just thought I should throw a note out about it. IDK if it really matters. Also, I'm loving the jet. Any plans on bringing over the old liveries to the newer look? I loved being able to choose from the old liveries... most notably the VFA-41. Keep up the good work on everything! I can not wait to see what you guys do with the new carrier. If there is any way for me to help with the carrier (testing or whatever when the time comes) I am obsessed with carrier based ops so it would literally be my pleasure! Great work so far on everything!
  2. In the navy I do not believe that is true. Well not as long as the ship is still being used. (edit I think I could very well be wrong about this. Sorry if I am.) ---------- Post added at 20:32 ---------- Previous post was at 20:30 ---------- @John Spartan. I'll still follow your mods to the end of the internet! I can not wait or any version of the U.S.S. Freedom because I've loved the nimitz in all its glitchy glory and I know you guys will do amazing work.
  3. I don't mean to piss on your cheerios guys (especially since I am so crazy excited for your "sideproject" carrier) but I thought you should know (if you do not already)... the U.S.S. Freedom is the name of a LCS-1 combat ship IRL. IDK if that would "break the realism" for y'all but I thought the earlier in the process you hear this the better. Again, you guys have my favorite mods. I'm currently working on making a VFA carrier based strike fighter squad so your planes and your future carrier will be the lifeblood of my gameplay. Cheers!
  4. granola muncher

    Civilian Opinion and Interaction Script

    I too would like to know what Gfresco wanted to know about using it with COS. in comment #4. Thanks!
  5. granola muncher

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    Nevermind... I figured it out.
  6. granola muncher

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    Does this work (or is there a way to make it work) in Takistan? I've been trying the whitelist markers but IDK.
  7. granola muncher

    F/A-18X Black Wasp

    Looking amazing... and a better/updated carrier. Seriously, you guys are my arma heros. I can't wait (but gladly will) to play with them! Keep up the amazing work. (ps-will you still be able to access the real life liveries like on the superhornet as well, or is it going to be the stunning skin shown in the pics)?
  8. @Saul Thanks for the quick reply! I know it is a tall order of sorts but anyone who has tried to land on a decked out (no pun intended) nimitz knows the troubles I'm describing. However I can see how having the "little green squares" just plain gone would be an issue while in a dogfight. Hence why I see my "request" as a bit of a tall order. But hey, you guys are kicking ass on everything else you do. You have my vote for MAnW for sure. I am so happy with the different skins available. My second cousin was the XO of the Black Aces back in the f-14 days. So I love flying under that groups livery. Again, you both kick ass! I can't wait for the update. PS-thanks re: the name. I am yet to find a better name to play under. ---------- Post added at 19:22 ---------- Previous post was at 19:16 ---------- I think, if turned off over all, not having the squares while dog fighting would be a bad thing. As nice as it would be to have them gone while landing it is imperative to dog fighting. Maybe if it's possible to link turning off the squares to another action maybe dropping the tailhook would be a good thing to turn off the locking squares. I do not know if this is at all possible but just a suggestion. All that said you both still kick all the asses! Edited because I obviously did not yet understand how replying works here. My apologies.
  9. First and foremost. Thanks so much for creating what (with the nimitz) is my absolute favorite things in Arma 3. I do have one question about the changes being made. Is it at all possible (and I assume the answer is no and that is quite ok because you both still rock my socks off) to be able to switch off the hud? The only reason I ask this is because when landing (especially at night time) on the nimitz while the nimitz is loaded out with vehicles the little green squares makes it near impossible for me to see the landing lights on the deck. If there is already a way to work around this I apologize because I have not been able to find one but I would love a more clear hud for while I land on the nimitz. Regardless of the answer I still owe many MANY countless hours of fun (and many more to come) from your creation. You are both a gentleman and a scholar! I will back anything you guys create for arma (and beyond)! ~Sincerely Granola Muncher edit: I see that you are about already done so I don't expect this to be an available option. But all my appreciation and thanks are still relevant! Thanks so much for your work.