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  1. Any plans to add the new update to Play withSIX?
  2. The variables are decided by the mission, so if you were to make a mission, you would follow the instructions and edit the variables that way.
  3. I fixed my UI issue. I believe it was because of the old X39 userconfig folder. I deleted that and everything worked.
  4. Is there an easy way to remove First Aid Kits from all players and replace them with proper medical items, or shall I have to do this all manually? Edit: Also, switched to stable and still getting no info after checking a unit or myself. Will further test.
  5. In dev build, there seems to be no dialogue when checking myself or another unit. I'm not able to single out the issue.
  6. Respawn is still greyed out after getting knocked out, so bug testing in the editor is nearly impossible to do if you get downed. All you can do is restart the game.
  7. Read the manual before posting, please.
  8. I like that feature, it was in Project Reality for a while. I'd like it more around 30 seconds though, personally. What are you supposed to do if you die when testing in the editor, though?
  9. Is there any way I can join up? I have lots of experience with ACRE and would love to help. ACRE is the only real thing missing from this mod for me.
  10. I meant by how you fixed some spelling errors in the initialization, so using the readme for initializing XMedSys no longer works, as the readme has some spelling errors still. Hope that clears things up.
  11. You should probably update the readmes and whatnot, they are a bit jumbled and sort of a difficult resource. Also, since the classnames were changed they need updated for that. I'm also having an issue where the pop up menu is very large and at the top left, rather than the center. Is this normal?
  12. Hi there again. It seems like I have an issue on the latest version where all units after about 10 seconds of being knocked out will magically get back up. They will be bleeding and have legs broken (even if shot in the head), but seem to not properly be knocked out no matter what damage is done to them. This was done in the test mission, both in editor and hosting a mission simply by shooting a unit in the head or enough to make them start the knock out animation.
  13. What's the largest amount of players you have had for testing in this?