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  1. Nice pics!

    Will you being adding tanks next? Because I think those should come next as I can't wait to do full on proper battles between the CDF and South Zagorian army.

    Also can you increase the recoil of the AK-74 and AKM, as at the moment the AK-74 has like none and AKM has the recoil of a AK-74, apart from that though I really like the reload animations

  2. this is complete? your funny funny man

    It's not complete, but any addon even if it enters the Alpha stage should be moved to the complete section as it says in the rules. So he is right to request that.

    Anyway, My thoughts!: First I think the trouser and body textures should be more of the same lighting colour, as atm I think the Trousers look to dark compared to the rest. The next thing is that the body vests and the coyote tan part of the clothing should be less dull, and maybe worn with a bit of fabric texture to it as atm they look quite shiny.

  3. nice, thx for the work and the release, will test these asap!

    -the ak's in the eur faction not only dont show,they also cant reload, while the ak's in the 2 other factions have no problem with reloading!

    -the eur faction also missing some clothes pics(textures) in equipment,while for the other factions the UI pic might need some updating to

    represent more their own clothes insted off the regular uniforms(but not a big issue)

    hope this will help out in a update soon ;) but they are looking very good for the rest.


    +1 to this, and the EU faction has no "PKM" It says PKM but is actually still the RPK