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  1. For P85, you could do USSR Soldiers in Khaki Afghanka: 423px-Soldiers_of_the_Tamanskaya_Division.JPEG

    (Ones with it without 6b2/4 and ones without, much like the ones in M69, and maybe ones in summer Afghanka as well)

    Also do the same Afghankas (Summer and winter) in TTSKO :http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/58/Soviet_naval_infantrymen_DN-SC-91-02252.jpg/800px-Soviet_naval_infantrymen_DN-SC-91-02252.jpg (149 kB)

    Summer afghanka in TTSKO

  2. Sounding great! Do you plan on just keeping it as a high-rise map, or do you plan to expand into suburban areas?

    Also, this i what I would love to recreate with your map:

    now if only the AI were easier to place and would make use of those buildings better :(

  3. So will this work in the same way as the Charons undead mod? e.g there will be groups which I can then sync to a module to turn them into zombies? As that is what I have been waiting for, so that I can recreate the CDF defending against the zombie hoardes without needing any scripts!

  4. Hmm I have just had a revelation, I wont have access to a computer for a while, so someone needs to check, but is the ak 74s upper handguard scalloped?

    (As in it has small diagonal cut sloping down to match the scallop/cut on lower handgaurd) because if it isn't then its not a AK 74 handgaurd, its a RPK upper handgaurd! Not too much of a problem buy I'm a stickler for accuracy and just wanted to check.

  5. Congress told the military that it should adapt a common combat uniform till 2018 as far as I know. But I don´t know if that´s going to happen.

    Also the Army´s still officialy choosing a new pattern and OCP is not the only one that could be chosen. We´ll see what happens in short time (I hope) :D

    Nice work! I´m looking forward to the release of both the Russian and US units! :)

    I was hoping it would be a short time 6 months ago, it looks like it is on hold until further notice >:(

  6. @kaelies, I must agree I think the contrast looks good, maybe you could make this vest:

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    Also on the subject on US, they don't use MTP, they use multicam, quite different. Also Multicam hasn't been confirmed as the US Army's next camo, in fact the camo competition has seemed to be put on hold. So I would say that if the US Army was I Chernaus, it would be in UCP until try get that silly competition done!

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    Also can't you use toadies2ks animations for your guns? I think he releases them for use, although I'm not sure

  7. Where is soviet love conrades!? All I see is America!

    You can't beat Russian flying tanks T-72 + T-80 FTW.

    Some infantry requests for soviets, for VDV you can use TTSKO Airborne or normal TTSKO for camo and maybe have some wearing the airborne headgear (like russian tankers hats)

    Also you should do some in just olive Afghanka!