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  1. Drop pouches are not a thing regular infantry use, instead special forces commonly use them. Quicker reload (take used mag out, drop into pouch) and sometimes handy to put other small things like water bottles, etc.

    Do a quick google image search of 'Iran troops' and you'll see what Im talking about.

    Well drop pouches are standard issue can the marine corps, and it is in the future I could quite easily see them use some in the future as it is barely a special expensive bit of kit (bascally a bag with a bit of string on top would suffice)

  2. Some progress, but not a lot. I dunno if I posted these pictures before, but here goes:


    These are the in-game models rendered with Blender's Cycle engine. In the meantime I added a woodland and winter camo version, and working on the reload animations. The latter are a PITA, I am not really good at it and making them look decent is a challenge.I will probably release the first version of the pack with the ACR and M2010 once the reload anims are done.

    Somone will need to make a replacement pack for those to replace the MX's!

  3. If they do this I will make a mission involving shirtless Putin paratrooping into Chernarus to take on the US Army and blow things up with insane amounts of explosives. He never fatigues, he can carry anything in his pockets, and his aim is flawless. All while I get a Putin impersonator to do voice acting.

    Yes! That is good plan Comrade! We must show using Arma Chernarus what Putin should do to Evil Capitalist US if they meddle in Ukrainian affairs!

    (Putin will be pleased with mission, we must send it to him when done!)

  4. MiG-29 actually can do a Cobra maneuver. Almost any aircraft with delta wings can do it.

    Anyway, dezkit, I have a question for you. Is there a possiblity that you someday will make Pilatus PC-9M? I don't think it would be too hard, since the Texan is its derivate and there shouldn't be a lot of work. Also AFAIK it performs better, a lot better.

    It doesn't have delta wings, a delta wing is what something like the Mig-21 or Mirgae 3000 uses.

  5. Good news everyone!


    Final WIP Update for today, I've thrown on exhaust filters onto the Mi-24 hinds. Russia and South Zagoria will have them for sure, Takistan won't, but I'm not sure about the CDF; what do you all think?

    Last note to say: I've found another reason why the RPG's 2d sights are necessary; it would be impossible to have the sight adjust in 3d space if there is a scope on the RPG while leaving the sight as an attachment. Again, I'll try to de-pixelate the top corners so it doesn't look so bad :)

    I think the CDF should definitely have them, as they are pretty common, and for a country with pro-west ideals I would expect they would of definitely of placed those of their helicopters as they increase the survivability of the helicopter a lot by reducing it's heat signature.

    Also for the Digital pattern, I would suggest maybe making it smaller, or at least on the UAZ, so that there is say one clearly defined "spot" of pixels to help break up the green, as some sides look nearly completely green with only part of a pixel on that location

  6. Don't know if anyone still uses this but I have an error where when I go into ADS, it doesn't show the ironsights instead its like the head of the character is about 30cm above the ironsights so all I see is the top of the gun, kinda like when you fire a GL on some others and go into ADS