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  1. Did Toadie ever end up uploading that mod for the RHS m16s guns sound and anim... I remember him saying he would release it when he got back to his house or something on his youtube video. :confused:


    But probably they are just gonna integrate it with RHS, since that's seems like a good idea.

    Yeah thats what I think, they are just going to release i as a patch for RHS, so he probably won't release it as stand alone

  2. Oh how curious, I ve always thought that RIS on L85 is in light sandy color a la Daniel Defense but when I looked closely it indeed is missing part of the texture but it doesn t generate any errors and is not a big deal.:)

    Anyway, when I have time I will test new RC47 release.


    It depends the tan colour is usually a form of rail cover

  3. Yeah as said above is true:

    WASHINGTON (Army News Service, May 22, 2014) — A thicker barrel will absorb more heat in the new M4-A1 carbine, should a Soldier need to flip the selector to auto, according to Soldiers overseeing the new configuration now being added to the M4.

    While shooting in the automatic mode is less efficient and not as accurate as firing in bursts, it has its place on the battlefield, explained Command Sgt. Maj. Doug Maddi, Program Executive Office Soldier, Fort Belvoir, Va.

    “Soldiers need automatic capability while providing suppression fires during fire and movement,†he said, noting that Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan asked for that and are now getting it, an option absent in the M4, which only fired in semi-automatic and bursts. A new drop-in trigger allows the A1 to function with the automatic setting.

    Maddi and others spoke May 21, during a media roundtable, marking the milestone of the first Army unit to receive the beefed-up carbines, 1st Infantry Division, out of Fort Riley, Kan.

    The beefier weapon is not unknown to the Army. Soldiers in U.S. Special Operations Command have been using M4-A1s since 1994.

    The tradeoff in weight and performance is something Soldiers gladly accept, Maddi said, noting that the M4-A1 weighs 7.74 pounds, compared to the M-4’s 7.46. The weight comparisons include the back-up iron sight, forward pistol grip, empty magazine and sling.

    Another feature that’s new on the A1 is an ambidextrous selector lever, something that’s especially attractive to Maddi, who said he’s a lefty who often gets left out when it comes to equipment design."



  4. Thanks, makes sense. Will go over to Toadie and bother him :)

    He has already made a file for the RHS M4's to replace the sounds and reload anims, which should uploaded soon, and I have requested he does the same for the RHS AK's as well, as RHS currently (as far as I have heard) still don't have an animator so reload anims might take a while (is that a correct assumption?)

    I don't think a replacement pack would be that useful, the only ones you can do really is the Aks-74 as it has a gl version as well, or a ak-12 version to represent Ratnik supplied soldiers, if the AK-12 (and not the Aek) is adopted, but that lacks a gl version

  5. CSLA mod on A2 ,IMHO, was much closer to original Operation Flashpoint feelengs, then other mods, even CWR2. So, i can't waiting version for A3.Good luck,guys

    I would take the CZ.58 as a mod by itself, one of the most fun guns to shoot in Arma 2, or any games imo! That rapid fire 7.62 with the bolt action completely visible to see :D

  6. Is anyone having the visual glitch on the US autorifleman?

    From medium distance,there is a blue translucent visual line hanging from the weapon.Sorry best i could explain.

    Does any one know what exact mods are not ok to use with this one.

    Love the mod,but iv never had so many issues in this game before,visual glitches and CTDs out the ass.

    Iv no problem loosing some other mods but i think we need to make a list here of known issues compatibility wise.

    Il start with one:

    BW mods: Not compatible(SU 25 causes RHS SU 25 jet to have visual errors)

    Not exactly sure but possible LA_Axemans mount mod,might be incompatible.

    I also have that bug with the blue machinegunner mg, apparently others do too and it is probably a missing LOD