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  1. From my knowledge, they use the beret mostly during ceremonies, parades and show's of force, stuff like that. But honestly, they just look a whole lot more high speed while wearing that, so I "witheld" realism there. Not saying that they don't look high speed without it, just that the Marine Corp and Army looks more high speed

    What I would like to see is the preset units have more variety in the helmets they wear, RHS has a ton of helmet variants and yet most of the units only wear a few, maybe a randomization script (if possible) could allow for random helmets to be used so we can see more of those "high speed" 6B28's with ESS or Balaclava versions rather than the same old camo covered only version

  2. Quick question, I downloaded AFRF about a week ago,and I noticed that the VDV doesnt have the "Ультрамариновый набок берет", that is the iconic blue beret they wear. Just wondering if its planned. And yes I am such pain in the back for the sake of details, and I am sorry for that.

    Well they are representing those in combat so I doubt they would be wearing the beret apart from a few rare circumstances. But it might be nice for mission making in a FOB etc.

  3. Could I give a suggestion for the editor layout?

    I was thinking of there being a sub-section under the VDV and MSV main sections with "soldier-EMR" and "Soldier-flora" and the same being added in groups so that it is easier to set up different scenarios in different time frames as it allows easy placement of flora VDV if you want to do a pre-2008 mission or the easy placement o EMR MSV if you want to do a mission based on that.

    The same could be done for the US, instead of "US woodland" and "US-desert" couldn't it bee "US UCP" and "US Multicam" and within that there is the subsection "Desert" and "woodland" for vehicles, so that we can choose if we want to do a pre-2010 mission in Bornholm were they are wearing UCP with woodland vehicles and vice versa

  4. Hello!

    Do you have in your plan to integrate M60 Patton for the United States? And the variants of M-113?

    It would be brilliant, especially as for the Russians you integrated the old T-72 and BMP-1, I would find that cool to have at the United States, M60 Patton and variants, M-113, and her anti aircraft version, the Vulcan.

    In any case your mod is the best mod that I have never seen on ArmA 3, it's almost compulsory to use your mod when I make a mission. I find however the soldiers Russian protected in a rather light way. (They looks badly equipped compared with the American soldiers.)

    The M60 isn't in use anymore, older T-72's are in the mod as Russia keeps older equipment longer and so those tanks still see use.

  5. The Ratnik outfit it hasn't been used widely, only in tests. In fact it's meant to start being fledged to the Russian Armed Forces at the beginning of next year.

    ( The Voice of Russia ) 'Ratnik' gear will make Russian troops fully-fledged soldiers of the future

    ( Turkish Weekly ) Russia to start field tests of ‘future soldier’ gear in December

    To this point, we are only including equipment widely used by Russian & USA forces.

    But does that mean you will add it in the future or not?

    Because it would be good to represent a near future (2015+) conflict and of course if the AK-12 is picked you already have it available (although the A-545 is better imho)

  6. When it happened and if russian troops actually entered Crimea during the crisis I'm sure he wanted his troops to look like rebells instead of hightech forces that anyone could see miles away they were regular russian units. I think it was more of a strategy or tactic by the russians.

    As said above yes they didnt try to hide their identity much, while they didn't wear the Russian flag nor did they tell anyone who asked that they were Russians, it was very obvious they were and any other country would know straight away due to the fact they were all pretty uniform wearing the then pretty new EMR, with a lot of the latest equipment or standard issue equipment (Ak-74m's which you wouldn't normally see in rebels) and even on Red-alliance they were saying how that the Russians looked better equipped/modern than they expected.

  7. Unless they changed something this last year, technically after Georgia's war only one battalion for each VDV division is designed as "Rapid Reaction" ( high readiness ) with about 70% of professional soldiers.

    So even in the VDV I'd assume proper equipment for one battalion per VDV division.

    In Crimea Putin probably sent the 45th VDV recon.

    Yep this, because their are still plenty of soldiers in Crimea who either ha no scopes or privately bought ones (aimpoints or Eotechs etc). And even in VDV military exercises the majority of them seem to not be using scopes, and considering the importance of Crimea when it happened, Putin would probably of sent the more "elite" as the soldiers to be shown the most to back up his vision of making the Russian army more modern.

  8. Update - Version 1.5 Coming Soon!

    Basic USMC Weapons could come as soon as today. Ironing out any remaining issues with them before they are released. The list of weapons is as follows: M16A4, M16A4 w/ M203, M4A1, M4A1 w/ M203, M27 IAR, M249 SAW, M240B.

    Current additions that are WIPs

    -Desert/Woodland Backpacks

    -Soft Covers such as Boonies and 8-Point

    -More Uniform/Vest styles, i.e Rolled Sleeve, T-Shirt, Lite, Heavy

    -Extending unit classes and groups

    Please could you do more helmet types, as I think thats what could differentiated yours from others is having realistic and varied helmets (Ones with googles, helmet cams, Netting/scrim) such as the different ones you can see here:


    As I find other USMC mods lack variation in helmets, and so more could be added for more realism and variation like how RHS has numerous versions of helmets as well