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  1. Quick question, will the RIS version have a foregrip, or will you make an attachable foregrip?

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    As in




    Well considering its very hard to do a decent foregrip as an attachment (and arguable, useless-just aesthetic and takes up a slot better used for something else+buggy) and that the RIS is generally always seen with a foregrip in most cases I'd say it should be modelled with one.

  2. So given the fact we now have mountain flora with le Mountain flora body armor, is it a tease of a possible Mountain troop group/Section a le 34th Independent Mountain motor rifles stlye?

    EDIT: It was disco flora nvm :P

    PS Will you guys add the 67-1m down the line? If not then thats fine, the 6b27 does the same thing, but it's nice to know.

    PPS?/PSS? Thanks for all the great work!

  3. When I say cold war era I mean vehicles produced during the cold war. Alot of the in game vehicles would fit into this correct ? I mean the non upgraded ones such as btr-60s.

    Its because those vehicles are still in service or were in service during the time the mod is set but in the US army cold war vehicles are generally replaced quicker and are scrapped so you won't see them still in service like in Russia and so aren't in the mod.

  4. Russian MoD just continues good old tradition of completely ignoring any economic and logistical issues and purchasing several types of the same weapon system class with similiar tactical and technical characteristics but completely different logistical chains and production costs. Look at T-64, T-72 and T-80 tanks pattern, same story.

    Well to be fair, their not 'adopted' yet just being bought in small numbers for testing groups in front line service before choosing the actual winner off soldier recommendations.

  5. Funny, I have heard AK-12 failed initial tests as much as a year ago. Accepting both sounds like another rumor to me.

    They re-entered it in a refined form as apparently (according to Kalashnikov concern) the rumour it was out the competition was made up. That and the first link has been in at least two sources and comes from the guy in charge of choosing the next rifle so it probably could be quite trustworthy

  6. Finally Tu-95MS is live on Turbosquid :)

    And here are some promotional screens that I use :)


    Urgh ma god so awesome!

    Should work great with that cosmos mod so you can take off from one map and bomb another on a long range bomb mission :D

    I know its a bit early (OK very early :p) but after this are you considering doing a IL-76? Just a thought especially if it was to be added into RHS then it would give the BMDs a reason to have lowered suspension ;)

  7. any support on the armed technicals ive mentioned...it would make things sweet...rebels with a rebel arsenal....

    by the way could i get an answer on that update...is it coming soon, need to know cuzz if it isnt ill go ahead and download this version

    Just download the current version, there is no reason to wait. And no I doubt rebels are coming any time soon considering there are plenty other ones including ones which use RHS equipment