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  1. Dear devs,

    I was messing around in the editor and I realized something. The US Woodland vehicles are spawning with UCP-wearing crews. Is that supposed to be that way? Shouldn't those crewmen be wearing OCP instead?

    Is it a bug or intentional?


    It depends on what vehicle your using, early woodland vehicles will have UCP crew (as they were in use when UCP is) later ones such as the last bradleys are with OCP crew to represent a near future period.

  2. Btw guys the Ak-12 was selected by Russian Ministry of Defense , so now it's only about time when it will be fielded

    also if you are curious how the latest Ak-12 looks , here you got some pics - http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/11/03/ak-12-all-dressed-up-for-the-dance/

    it has several improvements and it has bolt catch feature too , maybe they figured out how to make the bolt hold open when's empty :p

    Could you post the source?

    Because I can only find one website so is it official?

    BTW @RHS, any chance of seeing a 6b7-1m in the future?

  3. I add to this questions / suggestions. I'm also enthusiast of little older type of Russian weapons and uniforms. In my opinion in this fantastic mod, lacks representatives of MVD RF for example in Gorkas R or in Partizans "ss-summer". Are you going to release, the unit which will represent the MVD?

    I'd agree, Gorka would be very nice, especially given the fact that the mountain flora uniform would probably look better and more realistic under the gorka cut due to the hood.

    But IMO, most important piece of kit for Russians has to be the 6b7-1m, very commonly used before the 6b27 and is still used massively today (just look at all those VDV in Crimea, not many are wearing 6b28's, a lot are wearing 6b7's with maybe a rare 6b27/26 every now and again.)

  4. Yeah, it's something we have to talk to see what exact period we want to represent and to which degree. Tho UCP is still used quite widely in the US Army ( for example in this event of last week ).

    Couldn't you represent the periods of 2000 up to present? You have most of the equipment already (For the Russians at least) they just lack the units and groups in game (Like MSV 2014, or VDV 2000 etc)

  5. I'm afraid they are intended ( at least some ). To represent that the UCP is still present in some non line-infantry units :)

    But all can change in the future, specially if OCP ends being 100% standard.

    Surely it would be better just to split it from desert and woodland to post-2015 (considering OCP, or rather scorpion is being standardized this year) and pre-2015 with UCP and have woodland and desert groups within those

  6. Who said they were tracers? :p I thought they looked like graphical glitches if anything, but now I see that they are indeed sparks. In external view, the sparks look cool when shooting at night - looks like a particle effect. Vanilla A3 IFV also show "sparks," but they are much, much more subdued and of shorter duration, so I barely noticed them before. I just saw these sparks when shooting the coax MG on a BMP-2 also. Seems to me the effect could be toned down a bit in RHS, as it is in such contrast to muzzle flashes in vanilla A3, but it's no biggie.

    It's because it's more realistic, the original Arma 3 ones should be changed :P

  7. Take a note that M2 Bradley 25mm M242 fires M919 APFSDS round with DU penetrator, and this thing despite tiny calliber, at least in theory, will make a swiss cheese from most WWII heavy tanks, some sources provide informations that M919 can penetrate ~100mm RHA at ~3000m, tough our M919 in the mod actually have lower penetration capabilities, around 85-90mm.

    While 2A42 and 2A72 30mm cannons mounted on BMP's and BMD's use preatty obsolete ammunition with very low penetration capabilities, 3UBR6 APCBC can penetrate around 50mm at 1200m and 3UBR8 APDS can penetrate around 60 at 1800m.

    In general automatic cannons of Russian BMD's and BMP's are suffering because of lack of modern APFSDS ammo.

    Yeah, that's why I tested with a BMP-2, just in case it wasn't just the Bradleys cannon being better meaning that it kills the BMP-3 if it missed but it seemed to not be so :P

    But I must admit the interior is very nice, and the firepower it has sure does make up for any flaw in its armour.

  8. I think the BMP-3's armour might be too low.

    I was testing it against Bradleys, and usually it lost unless it got lucky as within a few rounds the crew would jump out and the BMP3(A) would explode.

    I then tested vs the BMD-4M, they are similar and so while I am no expert, they should have similar armour levels, considering both are the most advanced model of each one (BMD and BMP)

    I then placed them on an airfield and got a BMP-2 and just fired at the front armour with the BMP-2's 30mm, the results:

    BMP-3 less than 40 rounds will explode, BMD-4M will not explode even after firing 340 rounds at it it will not take any serious damage.

    So, either the 4M is really over armoured or the BMP-3 is underarmoured, but IDK.

  9. Absoloutly great Elcan! Great work!

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    This is why Kiory has his source files on the page. If you want a grip; make it.

    Unfortunately its harder than that, especially at the quality Kiory here does it. I can make a foregrip model for sure and stick it on an L85 in Blender, but I can't animate it, texture it (well), code it and do all those other bits which differentiate us from the modders like Kiory. Otherwise I would do it my self if I knew/had the skills/had the time to do it :P

  10. I was only hoping it would be seperate because i have seen a few l85 setups with the grip at different points on the risrail, and a few grip variants might be nice...

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    And also the type of grip, i.e.:




    Yeah if possible different varients is possible then that would be great, but it would mean more work