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  1. In the dev build we have bis black mx rifles. It's a matter of time they come in the normal branch

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    How do I get them, I thought they weren't in them yet as we don't have access to the British soldiers that use them, but I would still like a replacement pack for Nato troops so I don't need to repalce all the US troops with the black ones.


    Not sure if this has been asked for already, but this is a crucial LMG for the arma-verse time line the LSAT LMG: 220px-PEO_Fires_Inaugural_Light_Machine_Gun_Shot.jpg

    It is a caseless or plastic casing Belt-fed LMG which would be great for Arma 3 as it has been stated to be likely to be introduced int othe US Army and fits with the modern theme.


    Video: http://kitup.military.com/2012/09/mdm-new-compact-lsat-lmg.html

    Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSAT_light_machine_gun

  3. I don't mind the low FPS but im saying that there must be something going on in the trees on stratis for it suddenly go to 2 FPS with everything on the lowest possible, the only fix being res. As I can play 20 FPS in a medium sized battle in the wooded area of Altis but on stratis and especially the campaign its a no go, and I think it must be more than just the system because its just the trees on stratis mainly on the campaign, meanwhile in the Beta I had no such problem.

  4. These M4s and M16s look great :)

    What I would really like to see is some SCARs or ACRs rechambered with 6.5mm variants. After all, these are both very new weapons - fits the Arma 3 era perfectly (the M4 has been in service since 1994, the SCAR has been in service since 2009).

    I'd much prefer a SCAR or ACR over the MXs.

    Yes please!!! But I think they should just be in 5.56 as the ACR would just be a slightly different looking MX, hope for the scar! Been waiting for one for ages.

  5. Problem with that is we may end up with several different versions. I would prefer one version which is used throughout different British addons, otherwise it would be like OFP when we had 100s of versions of the M4 rifle.

    I was using that as a reply to the previous guy saying if he can use it in his mod, so I think he is just using them stock.