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  1. Much could change in the future :)

    This is not much to look at, but it shows the basic setup of units so far. Not shown are officers and crew/pilots.


    Here's a A3 vs IndUs unit comparison in one of the brighter areas of Altis:



    How come I can't find half of those multicam units in the editer?

  2. Emerald 8, you currently play as the US Army in Arma 3. I doubt you'll see the other branches in Arma 3 (well, there SHOULD be a US Air Force pilot when the NATO jet is released, because, well it's NATO, but really US forces). We might see the Marines again in an upcoming standalone expansion pack (if BIS does the Pacific theater, if they do a standalone expansion pack at all).

    For marines you can download Massi's? Marine Corps and MARSOC units and hopefully someone will port the arma 2 vehicles over to arma 3 for those as well so we don't need to use AiA

  3. Ja

    mes, if I have time I'll see what I can do.

    @Kaxxi, it wasn't a contest, it was me just getting an idea of what people would find more useful, but in light of the competition, this will eventually turn into something more than just a weapons pack....

    Yeah i knew ir wasn't a compitition but I didn't quite know what to call it :p atm I know that operation aegan shields maker would like RIS l85s in a improved form as the main rifle for his units.

  4. Thats funny because the supressor sounds different than the standart supressor...mh=)

    Thanks for the answer!

    Btw: Seeing the superb quality of your rifle I would be interested if you are planning on working on a machine gun? Because theres not yet a high quality mg avaiblable. Same as sniper rifles. All available addons are medium quality (still big respect for the time and work in it).

    This is no "plsplspls make it" rather than a heads up on whats currently missing in Arma 3s modding apartment=)

    Just interested in future plans!

    Best regards!

    I think RH is making a LMG pack which should be of good qaulity.

  5. The design decisions on both those weapons were made with easy caliber changes in mind in the first place, specially the acr. Making them 556 just because it typically is now days due to contemporary ammo availability kinda defeats the purpose of these weapons all together.

    I have no problem with the Scar L being caselss but I fear the ACR caseless would just become a more realistic MX, and as if he was to convert them to say 6.8mm which is a calibre it is currently available in that would take extra work e.g calculating bullet damage etc