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  1. I looked it up apparently sendspace replaces the link with their fake file randomly, but once you have downloaded the file once it won't give you that link again, so its even worse than different download links they are actually changing the correct download link according to people who have had this same problem.

  2. Hmmm then the website must be doing something bad, because they must of created a file the same name as yours in order to install their stuff on people computers, here is the download link as you can see it had your mods name on it, and i just checked the link now and it is now a rar file in non exe form


    The current download link is: http://fs06n2.sendspace.com/dl/12bb5c797685f3a7c0cd34582a45447a/52b33b1236c975f3/spqj9e/A3MP_Patch.rar

    So I would not trust that website if their is two different downloads, one which is obviously yours and the other one which is probably pretending to be yours...

    Although I have downloaded the patch from Armaholic and it has fixed the bugs which I had, so thank you for that.

  3. Can anyone else confirm this? Slightly worried now because I downloaded it from that link without any virus warnings or problems with the patch...

    EDIT: Having said that, I can see there are a couple of other dodgy download links on the page... Are you sure you're choosing the right download?

    Basically the file I clicked to download said A3MP_patch in exe form. So i clicked it thinking that maybe he put it in this installer for easier install, but the installer was very iffy, e.g constantly saying "We tried out best to make the best installer" and having numerous addons it wanted to install onto my computer like a toolbar and other programs so if someone just pressed continue they would have all of those on it. Then when it did get to the installing part it then actually downloaded the files at that time before then saying it was going to install them. It was during this install that my AVG said that there was a iffy file it was installing which was not a file used in Arma 3 or matched the names of files i have seen this addon used before so I clicked for my AVG to delete it and I tried to close the installer, it then wouldn't close and when the AVG deleted the file it then installed two more of the same file, effectively making it impossible to delete unless I went into the control panel and forced closed it through processes. Im not sure why it did this for me if no one else has had a problem but I no longer have the exe file on my computer as it completely dissapeared after I forced close it...

  4. Basically the second link on the patch 1.0 to 1.1 section (the sendspace link) gave me a virus.

    2. Your maps in 1.0 form since today have messed up the groups which you can place down in the editor. So instead of in the menu bit it saying : AAF in faction and riflesqaud (or whatever) in group type box it is just a blank space, meaning I can't place groups down as I don't know what group I'm placing down. Also two the groups contain no units if I do place them down. So I'm not sure how your pack is doing it but I tried all my other mods and these maps are the only one thay causes this problem hence why I tried to download the update today.

    Also the first link on the patch 1.0 to 1.1 (dropbox.link) doesn't work comingup with a 504 or 505 error.

  5. Ummmmm ton of issues... one your naps seem to be messing up the groups so that groups are being deleted so that I cat see the group name in the editor so I don't know what I'm placing down and two the groups are made of nothing. Two the first patch download link doesn't work.

    And now three... the second link, well lets say don't press it because it attempted and partially succeded in placing a virus on my computer and infected my browser... I would not trust that website at all and in fact it wouldnt close and while my avg tried to delete the file it would create two more so if I hadnt of forced closed it, well you guess... so unfortuantely I can't use your mod due to this group bug and I can't risk downloading from one of your mirrors ubtil armaholic makes one in case it trys to attack my computer again, because right now I'm going to have to try and find those browser files as you can't actually get rid of them through firefox its self >:(

  6. Scar's are being made by the guy who made the u100 and sometime in the future Slatts may finish his, so i dont really see a need for a 3rd group of scars,

    @Autica great! I just wanted to see if it was a yes or no to the LSAT being discussed as i saw it hadn't been added to the "discussion" part on the first post. Looking forward to these releases!

  7. Yeah I was reading up about the position of Taiwan and the islands in the south China sea and basically it's really a delicate situation. China saying numerous Japanese islands, Vietnamese islands and more are all part of China as well as the whole of Taiwan. Also considering the US refocusing it's military in Asia its proabably going to increase tensions such as the air-secruity zone thing set up by China which then promptly had B-52's flown through it. And when China tried to block a US destroyer with their aircraft carrier nearly causing a collision!

  8. Yeah up close it looks great! it's just further away the LODs are a bit to bright. Also you could maybe not even need to bother with showing the 'floors' further away (the black/grey lines) as if a building is fully glass you will not be able to see the seperations as visibly as you can see them now so making those lines less visible (grey lines instead of black) could make them look less like mirrors with tons of black stripes going accross them which make them look less good. Im liking the idea of destroyable then you could make a massive skyscraper and show that BF4's levoloution is nothing compared to your maps full destroyability!

  9. The australian mod are making the top gun already and there is a port by hotshotmike of a AUG A3 if you really want one

    PS @Autica does that meab it could be "up for discussion?"

  10. I think you should lower the brightness and reflecton levels of the glass at a distance, as many buildings unless it is hugely sunny don't act as giant mirrors but instead actually simply look like lighter colours ofof the glass colour rather than reflectors, and some buildings also have coloured glass to help reduce this 'blinding' shine which can happen if the sun shines directly on a building.

  11. Yeah I think I may put it in the addon request section for there to be an option when you put say a 'Gaurd' waypoint or something on a building the AI instead of simple walking inside the building actually go in and take up all the positions inside instead of having to do it a unit at a time, it would also help in AI doing urban combat, e.g setting move waypoints on every building and the AI will go in and clear out the building room by room.

    But anyway looking good so far! performance is important for me as many believe that I technically shouldn't be able to play the game XD Is the glass on the glass buildings destroyable or shoot through-able?