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  1. Do you plan on adding an AK 12 or AEK 971 in the future? Those being the two most likely weapons for the Ratnik system according to rumours (Although apparently the AK 12 has fallen out of favor Klashnikov concern still think they can win ;) )

    Also are you going to add the Machinegunner to sqauds as well?

  2. Unfortunately, no. I think the front sight post is missing, and the camera should "rotate" around the tip of that sight post, and place the relevant range cross-bar on the level of the sight post. RH's M4s have M203s with a mechanical GL sight that works like this, maybe he can help you with setting it up properly?

    Also, for the animation (at the risk of being obnoxious) there is this guy who has done some tutorials, 3DSMAX based though:

    His stuff is pretty high quality, so maybe some of the knowledge he presents there can be used to build reloading anims for Arma 3 too? I know hand-craft an animation is hellishly difficult to get to look alive, I did it in Uni and I failed at it. Making the anims more fluid would be the icing on the cake for these guns. I also noticed a tiny animation problem with the trigger hand:


    Hand is too low on the pistol grip (the V inbetween thumb and index finger should rest inside the cusp at the top of the grip), so the trigger finger clips through the trigger guard.


    Trigger finger with weapon lowered looks half-bent.

    These two are aesthetical issues, though, and the vanilla gun in Arma 2 had the hand too low on the grip too. The only thing that's weird is the weird half cocked finger when at ease.

    Thanks for your efforts, liking this a lot so far!

    The finger is half crossed when lowered to show that he can't accidently fire by pulling the trigger accidnetly so it is half cocked as that is the correct trigger safety handling that should be used.

  3. I just noticed that apparently kiory's previous L85 was the RIS version which he thought was awful and made the recent vanilla version. Perhaps the RIS one could be utilized for now?

    Im not sure he will as they are so thin they look terrible with optics (ris rail is half the size of optic mount) and there is no gl either so I'm guess we are stuck with the f2000 for a while as kiory seems to be making a challnger before the new l85s

  4. But arent they already using OCP (multicam) as standard now?

    Yeah as antoine said rumours are is that Multicam won the competition but they haven't officially said that, two it could very likely be a different colouring and three there are also rumours saying they might decide to scrap the competition anyway like they do (carbine competition v1,2,3) and the camo was meant to be announced last year and wasn't so really anything the US Army does which involves changing something major usually gets scrapped or delayed for years...

  5. ;2591727']YAY! Finally I can see the textures on your ported SCARs and your very own Ultimax' date=' nicely done! Thanks ltsThomas for suggesting the solution ;D

    Now that I can see the textures, I´ve noticed that the charging bolt doesn´t move on the SCAR... If I recall correctly it did move in A2, but anyway, could you make it move (except if it is too complicated, then it is not worth the hassle), or it doesn´t move IRL, except when you chamber the first bullet?

    Cheers! ;)[/quote']

    Yep irl the scar has a recipcrocating charging handle hence why many prefer the acr over it.

  6. textures don't show up for me neither. how did you link the textures in oxygen? after you've selected the texture file from your pc, in the texture link you need to remove all of the text and \'s before the name of the map you're gonna be packing as pbo.

    like this:


    oooooooooooooooooooo could this be the fix we have been waiting for!?

    (Must not get hopes up too high :P)

  7. It is (KH-2002 Khaybar) and is based on the Chinese Norinco CQ, and seems to be based on the QBZ-95 design-wise. The MX is not the Masada ACR. AngelWingGamingJacob is simply mistaken/blind lol.

    the kh 2002 is an iranian assault rifle based on the chinese copy of the m16 which the iranians turned into a bullpup configuration hece why the bolt looks like the m16 bolt.