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  1. Well guys im going to be not active this weekend mod wise because im going to be at my girlfriends house but i will state this

    i sent Atin a bunch of fixed stuff and added stuff (our MATVs now have an EGA on the side and will have proper backs)

    and i also have tested them in combat, they do good.

    and a heads up for the big project me and atin are starting later on after most if not all our mods release

    i have made the 2035 MARSOC uniforms and also 1 Chinese uniform and will be working on the BLUFOR russians tonight (i think this will turn out good with russians BLUFOR)

    also the 2035 marines will be using US4CES digicam mainly due to MARPAT will possibly be out of date by 2035, depending on how things look i may switch back

    and back to this current gen mod, i would like to have your opinion, should we port the DMR from A2 over to A3 or stick with the MK12 for all marksman (if we port it will go to all Non SF marksmen)

    Awesome Russians! So will they be using Ratnik? Also weapons AK 12 or AEK 971? Although probably the Ratnik weapon trials will be done by the time this mod is done and we will know which weapon i

    will be used! Also on the 2035 Marines, wouldn't they be using the same camo as the US Army due to the new law saying all services will have the same camo by 2016 (E.G probably multicam :(, although I do prefer US4CES )

  2. Yep, and M4's only do semi and 3-round bursts. I believe the M4A1's and M16A4's are currently replacing the M4's and M16A3's respectively for the Army and Marines.

    Oh, another thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is, would you consider bringing in the M320 to replace the aging 203? Its also apparently replacing all 203's in the Army.

    Now Im probably getting too demanding. :o

    M16a3 was never in service with the USMC or US Army ;)

  3. I am using the ASDG Joint Rails, but it doesn't work for me. Is there something you need to do to install it then? Because ASDG doesn't work for any weapon with any accessory for me...

    Theres a Download on this thread somewhere I think where someone made a PBO to make them ASDG compatible

  4. Hi mi24,

    Your English is fine mate, don't worry! :)

    Yes, I fully understand what you mean about it being an actual island surrounded by sea.

    At first, I was going to make it "landlocked", but after doing a bit of research, I read that islands have better performance in the ARMA engine so that is a plus.

    Also, I am really going to play on the coastal theme too, and will have large industrial areas spilling over into the sea to create very atmospheric scenery.

    Things like abandoned coastal villages and pipelines going out into the sea should look and feel pretty atmospheric imo.

    Either way, I do understand your concerns..!

    Awesome! THis with the great lighting and fog in arma 3 would look awesome! I wish there was a way to get AI to cleverly use buildings without that tedious work in the editor tso that those awesome buildings could become inhabited easier :D

  5. That's a really good model for the russian new uniform, it seems a bit close to the real one than the actual in sudden's mod.

    I think it would be a good idea that Sudden adapt it in his mod, but is his choice ( as its allowed ).

    But have been used by them, when posing as VDV ( that's why the different photos, with diff cammos ).

    But thats only really in rare circumstances, really if spetsnaz were to added they would be wearing the balck striped shirt, and well camos could be anything under the sun knowing the Russians as Half the Russian army still wear Flora, the VDV and the better main Russian army units wear that digital flora and the spetsnaz can wear anything from flora, digi flora/EMR, Partizan etc

  6. I defer to others on this thread that are "Tread Heads" but I did hear something about the requirements of standardizing ammunition with the Germans and the US, and there would be significant logisitcal savings for the UK if it went to Smoothbore using Rheinmetall L55 120mm.

    I know that Rifled is superior at range and can push through HESH, but I believe the UK Ammunition is coming to the end of it's shelf-life and a new production run of ammo would be expensive? Therefore the Logic was argued that for an Upgrade of Challenger 2 Gun System to save money on through life Logistics?

    My questions would be is it true? has a decision been made either way?

    My observation would be, if you were doing a CHALLENGER 2 A3+ or whatever a future mark would be called, you could arguably make it a smoothbore, and therefore copy the stat line of the *Cough*Not-Leopard 2 *Cough* and use that instead and save yourself some effort and time.

    I think that they found a source of HESH and Tungsten rounds in Belgium and that to upgrade to the smoothbore would require a new turret due to the one part smoothbore shells not fitting in the turret of the challenger where only the actual prjectilre is held, (the explosive being in the hull.) So I doubt we will upgrade until they need a new tank which will ever be a Challenger 3 or something else which may have a smoothbore as that would be when you are going to have to spend money anyway.