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  1. Slatts is correct - don't mess with the original PBO, only the author has the right to do that.

    Either create a loadout that will re-equip each of your editor placed units and have this fire within the unit's init box. You can create this by using the VA and copying the loadout to your clipboard - etc

    Or use a scripted solution like LEA to overwrite the loadout.

    OR for a longer term soluiton write a config that "OVER-WRITES" the core Stalker one. This is run on the mod line AFTER stalker and will give them the guns you want.

    Yeah I wouldn't modify it without his consent, but it looks like 3CB are going to do it anyway for their units so I don't need to make an overwrite config.

  2. Sorry for asking it here, but what's the difference between 6B26 and 6B27 helmets IRL? I searched the Internet, but there is not so much info. As I understood, the first is the standard issue helmet and the second is assault variant of the first? Before I was under impression that 6B27 are meant to replace 6B26. Can anyone explain it to me?

    6B27 is the standard issue helmet, the 6B26 is the lighter varient sacrificing some protection for a lighter weight and is used by troops who may require a lighter helmet (Mountain rifles etc)

  3. PLA Would be very interesting :D That would be something pretty new in the ArmA Community. Anyway they still got a huge amount of things for US an RU right now and that has got higher priority then a new faction.

    Indeed so, I'd highly doubt they will finish those two factions before Arma 4! The content is already verging on being more than the actual game (not including engine and maps ofc)

  4. Hello RHS mod team, I absolutely love your streams and content. You essentially created Arma 3. Hopefully, when you're done with RU v US...You can work on even more high quality mods *Cough Iran * Cough

    but...something has been keeping me up at night for months now..I desperately need to know...

    When will you be..be..be adding...


    Iran? Surely the next best OPFOR country would be the PLA? After all before the Ukrainian crisis it was the US's main adversary.

    And they also confirmed Gorkas a while a go.

  5. Yea I thought the T90 was deemed a failure ?

    Didn't the Indian Army report multiple problems ranging from 60C interior temperatures, all the way to Fire control system problems ?

    Was this not why the t90 was relegated to being only an export model.

    It's not really a failure, and it's still in use by Russia in fairly large numbers (by other countries standards) but it was deemed not worth it to build anymore due to the price and the upcoming Armata system, and so T-72B3/2's are being made instead

  6. Hell no. Do you realize how huge the addon will get if they do something like that?

    Not that big, its simply a config change, some bits of code and its done you don't need to make anything new really ad they're all US army and will be using mostly the same stuff which looks mostly the same maybe some texture differences.

  7. Are you going to release stable version any time soon?

    I'm asking it because in my community we are using your mod, and stable version is pretty buggy, and i don't know if it's worth updating to the latest beta version or not, or just wait till the next stable release. And btw what is the latest beta version released - 01 or 02?

    It is 01