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  1. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Yeah I think he allowed anyone to use them as he gave out the files and said people are free to modify as they wish, just give credit.
  2. I think he will probably add them once Kiory brings out a RIS version of his L85, as his units represent a close-future/arma-verse units so giving them the current standard L85's would be out of place and the old RIS version isn't that good looking, so if you want him to use them uggest the RIS L85 oon Kiorys thread so that they become his next version he makes as it is looking like other people want UGl first, L86, Stubby l85 and then Silencers before the RIS version.
  3. Yes use the L85 RIS! Be sure to support me on the L85 thread if you haven't already as I want the RIS version first but some don't want it... It will be awesome with the L85's!
  4. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Yeah, the I think a UGL varient and the RIS are first, as we don't have proper dpm infantry that can use the l86 and even the special forces dont l85s thay much so suppresors even if possible wouldn't be that important. ---------- Post added at 19:07 ---------- Previous post was at 17:20 ---------- Ignore what i wrote earlier, but anyway why no one wants a RIS version? Yes we have some but they are incredibly thong and now no one uses them, so now we have to use these new old styled versions with stalkers units, also while the L86 is used it is not as commonly used as the UGL l85, L85 carbine and more, also who uses a l85 with a silencer? Special forces mainly use C8s + others so i doubt silenced l85s are common even in the realm of silenced weapons. I say RIS and UGL L85s come in next update, there you have all you need for a current and future british infantry (stalkers and arma-verse) next comes L85 carbine as I it isn't needed as much due to the lack of british vehicles, also at the same time the l86, and if you say that weight isn't a issue with it, considering the l85 is 5kg and the l86 much more which is more than it should be (how can you make it weigh so much?) then you haven't seen what a DMR should weigh.
  5. Doesn't slovakia use the f2000?
  6. If it is mediterranean then monte cassino is a must with fallschirmjager!!!
  7. /Sign, I just want them to "Nerf" trees with their epic FPS drops!
  8. Yeah I understand the vehicles must have a lot of textures to do, loving the MTP kit so these vehicles will finally give us some proper Arma-verse British vehicles.
  9. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Exactly, so i wanted to have a RIS version of his improved L85's if he can't thicken even more his old ones so that they may be used in stalkers units as they represent a current time afghanistan style, where L85's equipped with RIS are the norm in combat.
  10. What camos are you thinking of doing for the vehicles? The grey, Arma 3 Splinter camo, khaki or maybe a Lightgreen and dark green splinter style or other?
  11. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    I would like RIS version then Gl version then L86, as I would love to see stalkers units with the more modern and fitting L85 varients than the older L85's!
  12. Liking the Boonie hat and patrol cap!! Im not sure about the scrim hat though, I think maybe the scrim could go over the whole helmet, or maybe a texture of a rubber band could be used as there seems to be nothing there to hold the scrim in place but that might just be me, anyway the rest looks great! PS, is the wildcat part of dev build now? Or is that a 3rd party addon or has a patch been released?
  13. Can you update your pack for full Arma 3? As it says it is missing a V carrierplate I think, so it doesn't work.
  14. Copy and paste this into a notepad file and save it somewhere: This removeprimaryweaponitem "optic_Arco"; This addprimaryweaponitem "Optic_Hamr"; Enter this into all the units which you want to replace the sight with via a Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.
  15. Thank you for the update!!! Likeing the MTp helmets and the ARCOs' being back, Looking forward to the vehicles once htey are released a well!
  16. Can you name the MTP classes with MTP? e.g rifleman (MTP) as I can't tell which one is which in the editer so it takes some time to make a sqaud while seeing which one is correct.
  17. Yeah, could you post a link as I would like to read about this!
  18. I guess you could make different unita use different scopes, e.g maybe marines us RCO and normal troops ARCO, to show how due to the marines higher training they have been given american scopes etc or sls get rco and riflemen arco
  19. Great mod! One of my favourite and my most used one!! But whyyyyyyy did you replace the ARCO's with the HAMR? That was made me choose this mod over the other ones with brit infantry and I thought that this was a added bit of realism as the ARCO is the Elcan sight which is currently being adopted by the british army to repalce the Acog, so it made sense to have it on the F2000's which is also better than the Mx's, plus they look better and fir better on desert F2000 than the HAMR. So I hope you could change them back, then I will update and use those MTP units.