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  1. Kaxii

    MX Series Black Edition

    So you can't actually use them in dev branch? e.g just in the code?
  2. Kaxii

    MX Series Black Edition

    How do I get them, I thought they weren't in them yet as we don't have access to the British soldiers that use them, but I would still like a replacement pack for Nato troops so I don't need to repalce all the US troops with the black ones.
  3. Yeah it happens just when I look at the forest area, I can not even be in the forest but as soon as i look at it the FPS drops, even view distance doesn't affect it on the resoloution.
  4. Im not sure why but in the campaign in the forest parts I go from 30 FPS to 2-4 FPS, setting everything to low only increases FPS by 1-2 going to 5 FPS the only way to fix is to change the resolution to 87% which will bring it up a huge 15-20 FPS! Meanwhile in editer mode it drops by about 10fps with infantry battles and in Altis it drops by about 5FPS, and more with battles which is still a lot less than stratis and even more than the campaign.
  5. LSAT LMG Not sure if this has been asked for already, but this is a crucial LMG for the arma-verse time line the LSAT LMG: It is a caseless or plastic casing Belt-fed LMG which would be great for Arma 3 as it has been stated to be likely to be introduced int othe US Army and fits with the modern theme. Video: http://kitup.military.com/2012/09/mdm-new-compact-lsat-lmg.html Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSAT_light_machine_gun
  6. Kaxii

    MX Series Black Edition

    Any news on replacement pack?
  7. I don't mind the low FPS but im saying that there must be something going on in the trees on stratis for it suddenly go to 2 FPS with everything on the lowest possible, the only fix being res. As I can play 20 FPS in a medium sized battle in the wooded area of Altis but on stratis and especially the campaign its a no go, and I think it must be more than just the system because its just the trees on stratis mainly on the campaign, meanwhile in the Beta I had no such problem.
  8. Kaxii

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    Looking forward to this too!
  9. Kaxii

    Arma 3 H&K XM8 Compact

    it's because he is using models from another game which like BFBC2 have the ejection ports on the wrong side.
  10. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Yeah I noticed that too! Its probably best to model down as you are basically always going to fire your gun in arma 3 so we can assume that they have just left the cover down after cocking the bolt.
  11. Thanks for the reply, np the vehicles are more important atm and I know you have a lot on your plate ;)
  12. Kaxii

    Nikonov AN-94 Pack

    Can you find an AK 12?
  13. so it must be scripts then, I play on a desktop at about 1200x1050 I never expected great performance but I have no idea how you can get a 30FPS drop just by looking at mroe than 5 trees in the campaign and yet not in normal editing even with mroe units and battles.
  14. I will try and get the screens, I have textures on very high and I think they are not very "Blurry" but they are not as sharp or high res as other Arma 3 textures I think so thats why I was asking if you were going to improve the textures.
  15. Do you plan to improve the C7/8 textures? As they are quite blurry especially on the scope as I assume they are ported from Arma 2? Other than that the LAV is looking great!
  16. YAY! Hopefully Bis will also release the F-35 and then I will just need a Typhoon for all the fighters!
  17. Kaxii

    ADF Uncut

    Any info on that video?
  18. Kaxii

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Leopard 2a4 like he said, got confused between this version and the newer one used by the germans XD
  19. Kaxii

    RH wip Thread

    Yes please!!! But I think they should just be in 5.56 as the ACR would just be a slightly different looking MX, hope for the scar! Been waiting for one for ages.
  20. Will you update or make a Brit pilot for the helicopters? As they are US ones currently, also once Kiory does bring out a L85 RIS I think you should do two versions, ones with and ones without L85, e.g Arma-verse brits (F2000) and modern brits (L85) as a seperate section in the editer.
  21. Looking forward to it! You should add the RAF or army airforce roundel onto the helicopter to show what faction it is and also because the real life ones have them as well.
  22. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    I was using that as a reply to the previous guy saying if he can use it in his mod, so I think he is just using them stock.
  23. My specs aren't that good, but I don't understand why it is the trees on stratis msotly during the campaign and the only thing that increases FPS is decreasing the resoloution, anything else doesn't do nothing when it should do. GPU:HD 4670 1GB DDR3, 4GB ram, Intel G630
  24. Also anything on when you will be doing groups?