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  1. +1 It would be good for Massi's USMC
  2. How come I can't find half of those multicam units in the editer?
  3. Sky full of dust? I tought that the skys there are perfectly bright and normal?
  4. Kaxii

    US Faction

    For marines you can download Massi's? Marine Corps and MARSOC units and hopefully someone will port the arma 2 vehicles over to arma 3 for those as well so we don't need to use AiA
  5. Kaxii

    US Faction

    Well thats up to BIS and BIS don't do requests ;) Also there already is a US faction NATO, with all their equipment etc (albeit made up)
  6. Yeah its brazils problem, and I highly doubt that it is even worth Bis bothering to try and do something when probably not many will buy it there, if you have a problem emigrate.
  7. Because they are concentrating on making the WW2 part of the mod, I guess civilians will come later but they are not as important and would take vaulable time away from making the stuff people will need as civilian stuff would have to be scratch made.
  8. Yeah but AllinArma gets rid of reload animations :(
  9. Kaxii

    What happend to interactive vehicle doors?

    I heard that the doors created a glitch which caused an alternate reality and then caused the game to implode, but apparently that was uncommen. But I hope to see the doors come back as well!
  10. Thank you for this mod!!! They work great with the PLA mod, a realistic situation and great features with good units! Do you plan to re-do the MARPAT textures? As they are a bit blurry, not bad at all but just in need of a little sharpening me thinks (Unless it's my computer bugging out which does happen :p)
  11. Kaxii

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    But are unused by the more powerful countries like: USA, UK, Sweden, Russia, etc etc. Also it says that it was meant to be a trainer anyway not really a CAS
  12. Theres another way too prove this, get the merkeva set pos to 10000 M and another explosive on the ground to destroy and building near where it falls, keep playing mission till tank lands upside down and you can see under the ground and you should be near the destroyed building.
  13. Kaxii

    Some questions about Arma 3 lore

    Well Altis is based of Lemnos and stratis is based off another island nearby which i forgot the name of.
  14. Kaxii

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    Rather not, way too trainer-ish looking. Why can't Bis choose a NATO or US aircraft rather than choosing the most indie looking or an israeli vehicle?
  15. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Yeah i knew ir wasn't a compitition but I didn't quite know what to call it :p atm I know that operation aegan shields maker would like RIS l85s in a improved form as the main rifle for his units.
  16. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    I think RH is making a LMG pack which should be of good qaulity.
  17. Kaxii

    RH wip Thread

    I have no problem with the Scar L being caselss but I fear the ACR caseless would just become a more realistic MX, and as if he was to convert them to say 6.8mm which is a calibre it is currently available in that would take extra work e.g calculating bullet damage etc
  18. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Sooooo any idea what variant won the next variant of L85 question contest thing?
  19. Kaxii

    MX Series Black Edition

    And can someone please tell me where to find them in dev as well! I can't find them even in the ammo boxes.
  20. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    That link pretty much tells you them all, also here links to some of the stuff in use in more of a list form: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_equipment_of_the_British_Army You'll have to find someone in a logistics department to know all the stuff used.
  21. Kaxii

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    But wouldn't it make sense to0 use the F 35?
  22. Yeah I wish you could update them as I am struggling to find multicam units for stock Bis guys which are good enough.
  23. Kaxii

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    I thought it might be a F35 for the US as shown here:
  24. Kaxii

    Slatts WIP thread

    Will these have reload aninations as well?
  25. Yeah, I remember in a mission vs AI, 3 enemys were stuck in a corridor unable to shoot, 3 whole mages to kill them all! !