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  1. Kaxii

    EricJ Release thread

    +1 On HK416 and ACR! Hope you do take a break, everyone needs em! Also do you only do western weapons or would you take Eastern weapon requests?
  2. Kaxii

    Kradnostrov Map for ArmA 3

    Why do you need the prestige of winning a contest when you can have the prestige of being a map maker and having 100's maybe even 1000's people downloading and playing your map?
  3. Kaxii

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Oooooh please add the PKM for them, it should fit really well and I have been looking for one.
  4. Kaxii

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Awesome Russians! So will they be using Ratnik? Also weapons AK 12 or AEK 971? Although probably the Ratnik weapon trials will be done by the time this mod is done and we will know which weapon i will be used! Also on the 2035 Marines, wouldn't they be using the same camo as the US Army due to the new law saying all services will have the same camo by 2016 (E.G probably multicam :(, although I do prefer US4CES )
  5. There's a new one being made complete with vehicles etc
  6. M16a3 was never in service with the USMC or US Army ;)
  7. Kaxii

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    Wait what does this actually do before I download it? Does it simple make bodies still move around after they are dead and on the flow, or does it make them overly fly around?
  8. Highly doubt anyone has made the map and not shared, even if they had it would be for a very strong reason then so I doubt they would change their mind. I would advise to begine looking through the turtorials yourself and make it.
  9. Kaxii

    69 pla mod

    Very nice! Despite the fact I hate the PLA in real life due to political reasons :p I am really looking forward to this mod! Do you plan on adding the Type 62 and Type 59 (Reskin of in-game T-55 perhaps?)
  10. Nice! Would love to some Cold war scenarios on this map, are there any sort of Alpine cafe wooden buildings or lodges that may be at the top etc? I love those style of buildings and having maybe a small area with some 2 story wooden lodges around an area at the top would be awesome!
  11. Kaxii

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Theres a Download on this thread somewhere I think where someone made a PBO to make them ASDG compatible
  12. So im guessin ak 74m? Will there be and RPK too?
  13. Ohhhh yeaaaahhhhh Also Thank You for making my request for better weapon textures true! :D
  14. Kaxii

    RH wip Thread

    RPK 74 in AK's? Perty Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
  15. Awesome! THis with the great lighting and fog in arma 3 would look awesome! I wish there was a way to get AI to cleverly use buildings without that tedious work in the editor tso that those awesome buildings could become inhabited easier :D
  16. Couldn't he just release it if he wanted testing? Because it seems like a certain few people are a bit impatient ;)
  17. Kaxii


    But thats only really in rare circumstances, really if spetsnaz were to added they would be wearing the balck striped shirt, and well camos could be anything under the sun knowing the Russians as Half the Russian army still wear Flora, the VDV and the better main Russian army units wear that digital flora and the spetsnaz can wear anything from flora, digi flora/EMR, Partizan etc
  18. I think that they found a source of HESH and Tungsten rounds in Belgium and that to upgrade to the smoothbore would require a new turret due to the one part smoothbore shells not fitting in the turret of the challenger where only the actual prjectilre is held, (the explosive being in the hull.) So I doubt we will upgrade until they need a new tank which will ever be a Challenger 3 or something else which may have a smoothbore as that would be when you are going to have to spend money anyway.
  19. Kaxii


    You know the Blue beret and Blue striped shirt are VDV? Not spetsnaz.
  20. I thought they hadn't been released as it still says waiting for permissions etc?
  21. This reminds me of that Chernobyl map which someone is working on, it didn't have enterable buildings though even though the insides were all there as they came from stalker I think but he has been working on getting them enterable
  22. Kaxii

    the dream come true

    Oh I thought it was gunna be the best mod I would ever see, but I guess I was wrong... Kinda misleading being in the mods complete section but ah well...