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  1. Only thing that I have not figured out yet is how can I add a group if AI units (lets say from a different army mod (BWmod) to my group? So I can command them directly?

    I tried the add unit to group function, but it does not work properly.

    Also would it be possible to add a function to implement the AC 130x to be controllable via UAV Terminal?

    Calling in a CAS with an AC 130x for S&D it behaves like a jet but the AC 130 does not have forward weapons...an option that allowed the plane to circle a specific area and firing on targets would be awesome. Any chance on implementing this?

  2. From my config

    	class G36_mag : g36_Mag_base 
    	scope = 2;
    	displayName = "G36 Magazin";
    	model = "\G36\G36\G36_mag.p3d";
    	[b]ammo = "B_556x45_Ball";[/b]
    	picture = "\g36\g36\data\eq_m_g36_ca.paa";
    	count = 30;

    (Vanilla 5.56)

    It should work fine as it is.

    It doesn´t matter wich magazine it uses, but the bullet thats "in the magazine". The magazine Parameters in config just defines how many Bullets, wich bullets, and what 3D Model the Magazine is using.


    This is actually great, thank you for I did not fully understand how the Damage mod works. More like I did not fully understand how the game works :)

  3. Greetings,

    I currently have issues with Task Force Radio; evertime I go in game and try to speak, everyone can hear me speak, when I press the radio button, everyone can hear the 'squawk' but it doesn't make me speak on the radio but globally on Teamspeak.

    I tried everthing to try to make it work... here's what I tried;

    - Downgrade Teamspeak to a lower version

    - Use the 32 bits version of TS3

    - Use the 64 bits version of TS3

    - Uninstall/Reinstall Task Force Radio

    - Delete all CBA folders and reinstall them

    - Run TS as an admin

    - annnnd much more that I don't even remember at this point.

    Does anyone have a solution ?

    I would be forever thankful...

    Did you install it correctly?

    Two files are meant to copy into the TS Plugin folder. And you have to activate the Plugin in Teamspeak.

    Also change the button for the activation of the ingame communication. That is also on caps lock just like TFR

  4. @nigirinus

    It´s using it own magazine but the default 5.56 Caliber. I think the Adjustor mod is changing the caliber, so it should be working fine.

    But i was thinking about creating a "new" 5.56 Caliber wich Bulletdrop actucally matches the HKV. But not sure yet and will be announced, maybe alternate.


    Will be signed in next release, Just have to look into it, since i haven´t signed anything till yet.

    Thanks for the answer.

    The damage adjustor though does not change the caliber per se. You have to include manually all the new ammo types of each mod.

    You are using something like G36 5.56 30 Round Magazine. This has to be included so it does the proper damage.

  5. @Callaway Im not sure how to do what you want but the mod is only 2kb. Im not sure why your friends would be against running a 2kb mod but If you do figure out how to make it script based (added to a mission) or serverside only please post here.

    @nigrinus you have to look in the editor in the config viewer.

    On the last page I posted this pic. I'll post it again. This shows where the names are for the mods so you can add them.


    The place to find the ammo is CfgAmmo. Its alphabetical so should be easy to find. Its not as complicated as it seems. You will get it.

    Thanks a lot mate, gonna try it this evening.

  6. Hi Redfield,

    i read nearly all posts, but I still don't get what i need to add for weapon mods that bring their own ammunition. For example the BWmod that brings the G36 and also its own G36 5.56 ammo. The standard 5.56 ammo does not work with this rifle, so i wanted to add it but i can not figure out the lines to add.

    Where do i get the info on the ammo ID that needs to be added.

    I understand that for Massis Wepons it is this: class B_mas_556x45_Ball : BulletBase for the 5.56 bullets.

    same thing goes for the line i need to add for the mod itself.

    "mas_weapons" it is not the mod folder in ARMA3 I guess.

    Sorry for bothering, but I really need some help here understand how all that works.

  7. New WLA COOP versions are here for all variant (dropbox, steam, withSix). More fixes and tweaks and briefing is more clear now. The unit over-spawning seemed to be gone already in the previous version. If you had bad experience earlier in BIS stress-server hope you rejoin to see how it work now. :) On long run it still possible the scripts get delayed, will work to optimize those slowly.

    If you mean High-Command, yes that is available in COOP. :)

    Currently weapon mods arent used to give random weapon for AI in COOP, may add that back at somepoint. But player can use the VAS to get weapon from any mod (just need to be allowed in the server). I will work more to support mods (e.g. differnent team types with own uniforms), once the COOP is running very stable.

    You Sir - are my hero. :)

  8. Thanks :), I will copy-paste WLA coop and SP over Stratis at some point and use the old WLS tasks for it too. Will need to make sure the COOP runs first good. The 8 player version seem to play nice already (which would probably be enough for WLS), but the multigroup variant is still unknown (not tested yet if the last night update fixed the overspawning)

    That is great news :)

    I read this in your description.

    Mission supports now all weapon addons/mods, giving the content randomly for AI units and player.

    Does that mean all content modded into my game will be given to AI randomly or do i have to set values for these. How would the mod know what weapon to give to each faction? So that nato weapons dont end up in opfor hands?

    Would be awesome to have the all in one nato uniform mod (with uniforms of different nations) in there and the Blufor AI would spawn in random uniforms (US, Brits, Germans etc...) To siumlate a multinational mission.

  9. I have tried the following:

    1) Buy an Heavy Transport from the Light Vehicle Factory (with the red lockpick icon active and no driver)

    2) Unlocked and Drived the Heavy Transport to the Bravo Team (infantry)

    3) Given the order (via the "Team" interface of the Commanding menù) "Get In (cargo)"

    4) The Bravo Team says something like "Boarding nearest friendly trasport" but nothing happen

    I have also tried giving the "Get In" and the "Get In (cargo)" with me onboard as driver and without me onboard but... nothing happen. The team say that they are taking control or boarding but nothing happen.

    I have also tried same procedure with a Panther buyed without the red lockpick icon active. Same result.

    I am talking of the AI Teams like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, ecc ecc... not my team members.

    Any further suggestions?:j:

    Ah sorry, I realise that you mean the other AI Teams. Well I need to test this because I have never even tried that.

  10. Hi guys!

    First of all, I'm italian and do not speak english very well... so... sorry for all the possible errors.

    Then... I really love this mod\mission but... i like to play it in single player and there are few problems that actually broke my fun playing. The most funbreaking is the impossibility to have ai teams use transports for moving along long distances. I have tryed to use the "Get In" and the "Get In (cargo)" commands but with no effect. Am i doing something wrong? Can someone help me or explain me what is the problem?

    Edit: I'm playing on a private lan server with ai teams only.

    You have to unlock the vehicle first. Either do it yourself in the vehicle interaction menu. Or let your AI do it.

  11. Check the ingame parameters before you launch the mission.

    I was playing on stratis so if i might have missed that sorry.

    Also i read that if you want to add weaponry into the mission, you have to do this manually.

    Are there plans on adding http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160599-NATO-SF-and-Russian-Spetsnaz-WEAPONS-for-A3 these in a future patch?

    Is it even possible to replace weapons all at once? Soldiers spawning with an M240 or M4A1 instead of a MX?

    Same question goes for Uniforms. I would like to see the standard uniforms be replaced with US Marine uniforms.

    I would be happy with any kind of help. Thanks in advance.

  12. I don't even play the SP i havnt played the campaign or any of the showcase missions? I basicly just fire up A3 to test things now. It won't be any different if i was in a group on coop missions or whatever i just don't like the game anymore.

    To me its just the same as every other ArmA released buggy, headless AI, horrible urban navigation getting stuck on doorways and other useless shit, opening gates & doors like a retard, trying to do a simple action quickly and end up doing something else, gunplay is absolutely pants, controls are over complex and clunky it still feels to me like im playing a laggy robot which stumbles about, and the most important one of them all is that its still absurdly unoptimized, so now ive just had enough.

    The controls are better than A2 ok, but im sorry it still anit good enough. Lets put in bipods but not be able to deploy them good idea, lets leave all the things which the community asked for alone and just focas on making this massive amazing island where the buildings just disappear underground hoping nobody notices it. AI they still get up and down and run about the place leaving perfect cover to get mauled to death cool.. anyway im just ranting on but its game over to me game over..

    About my mod im just trying to get the smoke grenades to be effected by the down wash of helis, i got it working but its lost its ability to stay ontop of the terrain so im just making it expand outwards a bit better. Ive worked on the sparks and almost got them finished they are smaller and less of them as i said before they were eating up too much resources so they been toned down a bit. I expect the next update will be sometime this weekend and after that i dunno see what happens..

    OS out

    I can perfectly understand. Your expertise will be missed!

  13. Depends on the server on the length of time a vehicle will remain but yes it's a script. On our server vehicles that are empty for 20min will despawn. To get around this leave 1 ai inside the vehicle and it will stay there as long as you want it.

    Thanks for elaborating.

    I was wondering if some other fella might just take my hard earned money GTA stlye.

    I could really use a hand if i want to change these values.

    Where can i find them?

    Empty vehicles should stay for 30 or 45 minutes in case there are longer engagements.

    In my case taking Girna at the near beginning took a lot of time because 3 armored vehicles were positioned inside and around the city. With no real armed forces and only AT-squad members casualties were high but in the end Girna was taken....but my jeep left in the woods just vanished. :)

  14. Can someone help me with my question.

    Vehicles left for some time on the battlefield 5-10 minutes keep disappearing. Is this a bug or feature?

    Bought a Jeep once and I engaged a town...leaving the vehicle empty and locked behind...after the engagement was done i returned to the place where i parked the vehicle and it was gone.

  15. Hi, awesome mod thank you for that.

    But i experienced something i dont know if that is working as intended.

    When I buy vehicles in SP and i leave them alone because of an engagement and that firefight takes some time...I return to my vehicle and its gone.

    Attacking a town and realising that after the attack your ride is gone and you have to walk 3 miles back to your base for some reason is...well...not nice. :)

  16. Opticalsnare...thank you very much for this!

    Any chance for a small glimpse on what you are going to add in the 2 updates ahead?

    I saw you effects on smoke with warfx particles on arma2 and i kind of liked the bullet impact effect. Are they going to see a return in blastcore A3?

    Also smoke of burning vehicle duration and thickness something that is going to be added?

    Feel free not to answer these questions, its just for excitement :)