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  1. Exactly. Its the scripts. Some sounds, especially AI fire, need to locate the exact position of the shooter/weapon. While in MP all these locations are given by the server and so the script does need to be running on the server either and then broadcast to each individual using JSRS. So there goes a few frames already, plus all clients joining that server also need JSRS in order to not get spamed by endless RPT reports cause by the script. With the new script we go around all that and the whole mod stays client-side.


    Thanks for the reply. I am so looking forward to it and thank you very very much for your effort and energy put into this great mod.

  2. Hey, video sounds great. I was just wondering if there is maybe a tad too much echo while having the source of riflefire or machineguns in close range..like in Min. 5:17 in your vid.

    Can you explain brief what the difference is in MP and SP? I always thought the sounds are the same. Or is it the script mainly handling the sounds for the Player?

    Exceptional work by the way and I am glad you are back on your feet.

  3. You guys paying attention to the change log?

    While this is a nice step into the right direction (close & distant sounds should be different) and the system is not yet implemented the current audio files don't do a good job. Instead of having distinct, different characteristics, they sound similiar - the distant sound is mostly a processed (

    ) close sound, with a bit more punch mixed into it in some cases. Have a listen.

    Download Arma HMG Sounds This could be done with ingame-filtering only. If you want to have distinct distant sounds, you have to work more or use distant recordings. Since many weapons sound the same over distance (barrel length & caliber are the main factors here, so MX & katiba would sound pretty much the same over distance) you don't need that many "distant" sounds.

    A distant sound sounds different. Check this out.

    Download 50cal recordings, (Chuck Russom Library)

    Or something from TheRecordist.

    The distant sounds have much more "pop" to them, NO mechanics, no early reflections (the very first reverb you hear before tail).

    It is hard to create these without source material BUT I know for a fact you can create something better if you leave out the tail & mechanics sound out of the recording and play a lot with EQ etc. I did some very ugly tests back in arma2. Also the distant sound is VERY transient. While you sometimes get away with "non-dynamic/non transient" wall-of-sound sounds for close, you will not get away with it with distant sounds. It will always sound "off".

    Again - this is bad. ||||||

    This is good. ||||||

    You share my vision and are much more capable of explaining things. Thank you for your existence

  4. You guys are either blind or missing this: Distance based sounds - WE WILL GET FRIGGIN close/distant sounds for weapons!!! The most awesome thing for me personally! :)


    Actually i was hoping for this to come. No more the same sound no matter how far you are from the source. AWESOME.

    Though I have the feeling that it will take another year until everything is implemented. Sound keeps me from playing Arma right now regularly.

  5. FYI never f**king ever use youtube videos as sound reference to original guns... This is not how it works, this is how NON of it works... Crapy cam microphones, pathetic sampling rates and horrible compression. Even if the original video source is recorded with propper microphones YT is fucking it up...!

    Sorry for not being in a war lately, basically videos is all i can get to say in which general direction sound development of weapons should go. No one said: "copy the exact sound of that youtube video"...jeez.

  6. Havent posted on Dev Branch Feedback before but i really feel the need to do so now.

    I appreciate that you take on the sound overhaul. What the game really needs to get some immersion to the sound especially in firefights, distances and explosions.

    Right now in DevBranch the sound of a rifle fired at 100 meters is barely audible at all...looks weird when the snaps are louder and the guy shooting at me from 100 meters is kind a pantomimic.

    The distances need a definite rework. Also the explosions sound just fake. Grenades and all sorts of explosions are frightening when using JSRS Dragonfyre. These explosions scare the shit ouf ot me. Would be great if you get some inspiration from LordJarhead.

    The weapon sounds themselves in first person sound great now. I like where this is going.

    During a firefight though it seems to me that the sound of guns is ending so abruptly which sounds too artificial and the lack of echoes is weird.

    What this game needs is also different sounds for different distances.

    There are some nice sounds of different distances with a 50.cal.

    Nevertheless since 1.40 and the introduction of tails JSRS Dragonfyre is kind of messed up. Which stopped me from playing ARMA3 for a long time now. I can not bear the simple sound anymore. I really hope you get your visions of sound implemented into Arma3 which will be by then the best military simulaction game out there.

    It is just feedback from my own perspective.

  7. Hey LordJarhead, can I please make a suggestion for DragonFyre?

    Currently the incoming artillery sound effects for mortars/SPGs are very underwhelming and I believe they both share the same file (?).

    Would you consider swapping them with louder, more scary sounds to further complement the new sounds and scripts in DragonFyre - that would be awesome.

    I want to feel terrified when I hear artillery dropping close :)


    Due to spawned explosions there are very muffled sounds for them, as we pointed out

    many times before, thats what we need this voted to be successful:

    Add the possibility of adding eventhandlers to ammunitions defined in cfgAmmo

    This would help me to realize certain features in JSRS DragonFyre, so please vote for this!

  8. I'm pretty sure it's a vanilla issue.

    By the way folks, around here "soon" means "when it's ready"! ;P

    *cough* Duke Nukem Forever *cough*

    We all know what that phrase meant :)

    Seriously though, I was excited when they said RC5 is close to release and then got sad when they found new bugs but hey...always better to have something work right than not at all. Pointing to you Rome 2 and Sim City...

  9. LJ

    Just a quick question concerning the status. There were so many posts here I got lost.

    RC5 is in testing and delayed cause you found some more issues?

    The light version is interesting, but what are the differences to the full version? What features are left out for example?

    You are doing a great job I thank you for that. Your mod enhances the fun in playing this game 1000fold. To be honest, I stopped playing before you released Dragonfyre because the Vanilla sounds are immersionbreaking. With your mod the firefights become more intense and you have the feeling of being on a real battlefield ... well as close as I want to be at least :)

    Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best for your future career.

  10. Right, totally forgot about those lately. Been doing the SD sounds, fixing the urban, tweaking movement/gear sound and other stuff. I'll do make a video of those. Currently they use Placeholder sounds from JSRS1.5...

    That wasn't mean, that was an attempt to compare both.

    Its mean that we have to play with the inferior JSRS 2.2 :)

    So far from the videos Dragonfyre is superior in any way and I stopped playing Arma until Dragonfyre is out. (And the multiplayer servers adapt to it).

  11. What was your in-game name? I just banned one person who kept joining/leaving and trying to switch teams repeatedly. That one I removed earlier.

    Yes that was me McMartin is the ingame name.

    Did join and leave because of my mods of US and Russian weapons did not work. (i used Nato SF and Russian Speznaz weapons) No Weapons other than vanilla game showed up and i wanted to see if this was different on the other team, but the server wouldnt let me switch teams.

    I hope this was the right mod.

    I use play with six to manage all the mods for all the different servers.

  12. The server uses a modded version of the BeCTI Warfare mission by Benny/Zerty (currently and adds new weapons and other items to the mission along with makes some changes to the mission and its parameters.

    It surprises me how few people know about this mission. It basically turns Arma 3 into a kind of RTS FPS where you can build bases, defenses, earn your way to better weapons, vehicles, aircraft, capture towns and win the game by finding the opposing player teams' bases and destroying them. It's the only mission I've ever really liked in Arma 2 and Arma 3 and the sole reason I purchased both. Check it out.

    Server IP / Port: (Slots: 30)

    Site: http://marikswarfare.enjin.com/

    Visit the site for update information and help setting up everything to work. You will need NATO SF/Spetznaz weapons mod or you won't have access to many of the weapons as I have replaced most of the Arma 3 weapons with those in the mod.

    Setup instructions: here.

    The things that I have added or is supported on the server:

    • US Weapons for BLUFOR
    • Russian Weapons for OPFOR
    • M4/M9 and AK74M/Makarov starter weapons
    • New weapons that can be purchased from the gear menu such as the FN FAL, G3, Stinger, PK, HK416, SVD, M4A1, L119A1, MP5, M249, Mk200, etc.
    • Modified purchase prices for upgrades, vehicles, aircraft, etc
    • AI should act more realistic and random
    • Support for Blastcore, JSRS sound mod
    • A little bit of re-balancing to my taste
    • Thanks to some mods, players and AI will "stumble" when suppressed at times. So AI won't just stand there like Steven Seagal while bullets fly all over the place.

    Current Mods: ASR AI3, FFIS, Blastcore, JSRS, CBA_A3, NATO SF/Spetznaz Weapons, Modular Realism.

    Note: US Helis, FA18E and SU35 should be back on the server soon.

    Future: Replacing Modular Realism (TMR) with AGM for weapon resting along with using other modules in AGM (well, maybe).

    Yeah, would have been great, but getting a ban for no reason somehow keeps me from playing.

  13. You are confused.

    The MCC AC-130 is a virtual piece. There is not real AC-130 object just a camera flying in circles around a specific area while the player holding the MCC handheld conolse can control it and rain fire on targets in that area. When there will be something equivalent to AC-130 (god forgive the fedoras' hats) like a transport plane then I will remove the virtual one and attach it to a real plane just as I did with the UAV.

    MCC doesn't have any dependencies in other mods so if you are using some custom AC-130 mod which I believe this is the case It got nothing to do with the MCC's AC.

    I really was confused :)

    Thanks for the explanation. I get it now. Yes I took a custom mod with an Ac-130 model. MCC found it and I was able to spawn it as CAS. (But it behaved like a jet)

    I did use this mod:


    Maybe the modder gives permission to use his model in MCC dunno. But would definetly add immersion.

    Just to be said I love your work and I am impressed, keep doing what you do it is awesome.

  14. No it is an old feature.

    Use MCC to spawn the AC-130 under menu 3 if I remeber right. Grab an MCC handheld player's console and press on the F3 button (F2 is UAV, F3 is artillery) and you got it.

    I did spawn it as a Close Air Support.

    Jou mean just spawn it as a unit? Will try that as soon as I get home.

    Tried to get an Ac130 into ArmA2 but it wont come up in MCC there :( So it did work back then?