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  1. 14 hours ago, spunfin said:

    Okay, time to update!

    Version 1.0


    Online documentation (Note that the Flash app wont work yet as it has old parameters!)

    This one is the .sqf versions with many changes and fixes. Package includes fairly simple example missions and documentation. Flash app for the init lines is also coming soon!
    I tried my best to also update all comments in the scripts.

    There's some new parameters allowing some more customization that people have requested.
    Also one major change is that all the classnames for AI comes now from LV\config_aissp.hpp.
    Therefore you must include this into your missions description.ext:

    class aissp_configs
    	#include "LV\config_aissp.hpp"

    Scripts has a "classes"-parameter, which is an array of classes from config_aissp.hpp (with the exception of "ALL", which includes all default classes to the array).

    By using classes-parameter you can filter classnames, for example:


    Or even use custom units by creating custom classes into the .hpp file. I included an empty example that you can fill with any classnames you want. You may have as many custom classes as you wish, and you can use them the same way as default classes, via classes-parameter.

    I have tested these new versions only in SP mode (also simpleCache seems to be working), so test everything out before you hit it to your server!

    Cheers! I'll fix the flash app asap and write some better changelog once I get some time for it.


    @spunfin good to see an update on this script pack. Thanks for your hard work mate.

  2. Hi,

    It seems that I cannot respawn with my LEA loadout.

    I made a mission using main editor > Create respawns in description.ext > Used LEA to customize loadouts > Generate loadout.sqf > Enable 'Respawn with LEA loadouts' > Make Mission.pbo > Copy Mission.pbo from pbo folder to MPMissions > Die and Respawn > Default unit gear.

    Using BASE and INSTANT respawn does not matter here from testing. It might be that default helmet/gear box you mentioned in your wiki, but can you please see what's the problem here?

    Thanks Major Shephard.

    I have the same problem. Few days ago everything works fine, but until today, I cannot respawn with my loadout.