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  1. Make sure that AI Unconsciousness is "enabled" in the ACE medic module. When it's "disabled", AI will never go unconscious but instead die. When it's set to "50/50", AI will die half of the time instead of going unconscious.
  2. Seems to me like the author gave permission simply by releasing his work under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, see here: https://github.com/astruyk/Ares/wiki/License However that doesn't help if no one is willing to pick up this great mod and continue development :(
  3. Had a similar issue. I tried to build the repository on drive D:, which had more than enough space. However the system partition C: was pretty low on free space. After making some space there, Arma3Sync suddenly was able to build the repo on D:. Not sure whether it's a bug or if Arma3Sync really needs that much free space on the system partition.
  4. Sounds like the repo only allows 1 connection (server-side setting). And with only 1 connection, one gets a pretty low download speed depending on distance/latency to the server. Mb you can contact the repo admin and ask him to increase the number of possible connections?
  5. SAS_Raptor

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Sorry, my bad. Didn't realize it's a simple config patch which still requires the original mod.
  6. SAS_Raptor

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Then you are clearly not allowed to modify it and release the modified work like you just did. See here: http://amar.arma3.fr/#09
  7. In the editor place the ACE Module "Medical Settings", there is an option AI Unconsciousness ;)
  8. Put this in the init line, where 99999 is the time in seconds before the unit can wake up again: if (isServer) then { [this, true, 99999] call ACE_Medical_fnc_setUnconscious; }; If you want that the unit can not wake up anymore, you can use the following script: // This simple script will make a unit constantly unconscious. Even if someone treats him, the unit will blackout again. It's meant to force rescue teams to carry a hostage to safety rather than dealing with a stupid AI dude or having one player playing the hostage all the time. // Execute in the init line of the affected unit: null = this execVM "constantBlackout.sqf"; // It's enough if only the server executes this. if (!isServer) exitWith {}; while {true} do { sleep 6; //_this allowDamage false; if (!(_this getVariable ["ACE_isUnconscious", False])) then { [_this, true, 99999] call ACE_Medical_fnc_setUnconscious;}; }; Just copy&paste in a file called constantBlackout.sqf (or whatever name you prefer) and call it from the init line of the unit (null = this execVM "constantBlackout.sqf";). Btw don't forget to allow unconsciousness AI in the ACE settings. When it's disabled, AI will simply die instead of going unconscious. When it's set to 50/50, AI with die 50% of the time.
  9. Afaik an unconscious unit is switched to civilian side so that AIs don't fire at it anymore. If the unit wakes up, it is switched back to its originial side. Nicely visible as Zeus. Maybe that helps you with your scripting issue ;)
  10. SAS_Raptor

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Any chance that the improved LHD from CUP gets released as standalone mod?
  11. SAS_Raptor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I wonder if maybe the forum moderators could help to enforce the DO NOT POST BUGS HERE rule? :icon_question: (Or more general: rules written in the first post of such threads) Anyway I get that these constant bug reports and demands are annyoing and that people are probably fed up by now. But sometimes it seems like even the fraction of people acting correctly get pretty rough responses. Not necessarily from devs, sometimes "random" users act like they must defend their favorite mods because the devs are not capable of doing so. One must be really, really careful to state a humble wish, a tiny issue or even just discuss a matter of realism around here without upsetting someone else :(
  12. SAS_Raptor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm sorry, but "easy to implement" does absolutely NOT mean "being made by itself, out of thin air". I know you guys have to put a lot of work in such stuff and I appreciate it. Just wanted to say that making an ACOG with red dot is probably way easier then implementing the Bindon Aiming Concept realistically in a video game on a 2D screen.
  13. SAS_Raptor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Maybe. But due to the Bindon Aiming Concept one can use ACOGs with boths eyes open irl. Which makes the scopes useful in CQB situations too. Now Arma doesn't offer that possibility which renders ACOGs in game in CQB pretty much useless. Imho a red dot backup sight would be a suitable, pretty realistic and easy to implement substitute.
  14. @shinznyte: Advanced Ballistics must be enabled in the mission or at the server. Without it, temperature will have no influence on the ballistics hence the range card has just one column. With Advanced Ballistics enabled, you'll get a full range card. In the editor it's sufficient to place the ACE Advanced Ballistics Module and tweak the parameters as you see fit ;)
  15. SAS_Raptor

    [Terrain] Chernarus Winter A3

    It's a terrain mod and not just a user-made mission, so yes players must download it. It's not enough if only the server has it.
  16. SAS_Raptor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Really, does it? "We were able to fix or work around some of these issues with the ongoing work in RHS and the work done by Spartan, however fixing only half of something means that it's still broken. We've hit the wall and the rest is up to Bohemia." https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/161885-real-armor-mod/?p=2917497
  17. SAS_Raptor

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Actually there is a good reason, namely if you want to play/simulate a country other than Russia or the USA. For example the German Arma community is pretty big and there are many clans playing as German Army ("Bundeswehr") with modded German tanks and anti-tank weapons. For those clans the lack of compatibility with RHS is a major issue, and a serious argument for other mods with lower quality assets like CUP. Now I get that the RHS developers don't own us anything and that they can't/won't provide compatibility with other mods. However the problem persists, and at times when there is no compatibility patch available, some communities must make a tough decision for or against RHS :(
  18. SAS_Raptor

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    TFAR works fine with the latest CBA for my community. Maybe a problem with your hoster?
  19. SAS_Raptor

    1.54 changelog question

    Yes, probably. Seriously, the changelog could use some structure or higlights for A) players, B ) server admins and C) mod developers. It's so cumbersome to read through 3 pages. Especially when some items are written down twice or even 3 times.
  20. SAS_Raptor

    ASR AI 3

    With -filepatching activated at the dedicated server ASR seems to run fine for my community.
  21. SAS_Raptor

    ASR AI 3

    Maybe a try-catch structure can help? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/try
  22. Not sure if I like that change. Holo sights and a few others can be used with NVGs irl, can't they? I know one can disable this feature with a module, but still.
  23. SAS_Raptor

    ASR AI 3

    Well, BI disabled filepatching by default in v1.50 because of possible "exploits". See "Operations" in the according SITREP. And imho a mod should not force server admins to change that default setting for no (very) good reason. Unfortunately I'm not really familiar with modding so I'm not sure how exactly to fix the issue though. However the error just appeared after the latest Arma Update, so they must have changed something. Other mods like cTab and TFAR seem to use .hpp files instead of .sqf to store their settings, and they run fine. Or maybe there is a way to check whether the " \userconfig\asr_ai3\asr_ai3_settings.sqf" is accessible without causing an error?
  24. SAS_Raptor

    ASR AI 3

    -filepatching fixes the error. It allows the server to load certain files other than .pbos, which is a (small) security risk. Hence I'd like to see an ASR_AI hotfix soon. -nologs is not an option for me because we play with many mods including self-made ones, so we need the .rpt errors.
  25. Von Quest and Belbo were talking about modules, and not .pbo files.