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    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    I've tried to install this mod to an A3Wasteland dedicated server that uses ExtDB. The mod works up to the point of clearing the pylons. There is a message that it has been done but the original weapons are still present. If the player goes back to the lobby and re-enters the game, it then works fine. Anyone else have this problem or any idea why this occurs? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Coyote Rogue

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Many of us have the same problem. Since 1.4, we can see Hellcats on the map and we can hear them overhead but they are invisible in game to anyone running the SOS Pure mod on an MP server. Disable the mod and all is right again. No other mods are running except CBA. I hate to lose SOS but I can't run it without the fix. Thanks for any assistance.