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  1. K20017

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    The Caeser BTT needs to be tweaked. It is very very difficult to slow down forcing you to fly a very shallow descent angle if you want to have any chance at making a decent landing.
  2. K20017

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    The water scooter accelerates and decelerates too quickly.
  3. @dwarden, for what it's worth, I can not reproduce that audio bug in that previous video I posted on the current builds. Nice!
  4. The ground handling too needs to be fixed. You'll get great handling when you are slow but once you speed up to a certain point (60 km/h or so), you have almost zero directional control. Then as you speed up more, you'll begin to regain some and you can try and stay on the runway. There shouldn't be a zone you transition with terrible control, the effectiveness of the rudder should be increased much earlier. But then again, any fixed wing aircraft doesn't feel like it is interacting with any air :(
  5. 2.1 seed/peer ratio now on that torrent, nice.
  6. Yes, the exact same thing happened with me. I had 3 Hueys and ordered them to seek and destroy to this location. Only one helicopter moved exactly like you described, slowly came to the seek and destroy point increasing in altitude then hovered at max altitude. The other two helicopters had their crews eject and parachute down while the pilot stayed in a hover without moving. Strange. This is under the latest Arma 3 Release Candidate build too.
  7. I'm getting 3 5 Mb/s off that torrent now. Will seed when done!
  8. I see what you mean. The issue I see with Arma 3 and its rudder problem is that it seems the vertical stabilizer has no effect on aerodynamics. The aircraft flies crooked all the time when in real life, the vertical stab would keep the aircraft's longitudinal axis in line with its direction of flight (in a no wind scenario). If the developers have no desire to change the aerodynamics, autorudder seems like a decent bandage to cover the wound.
  9. Just did a flight and certainly noticed it now. But what exactly is this autorudder preventing people from doing? Is it limiting their control?
  10. I have flown many a times on Arma 2 but don't recall the specifics of the auto rudder. Was it that when you held in full rudder, the aircraft would initially start to yaw fully but then correct itself even if the key was still pressed?
  11. Do you have a source where this was stated? I'm curious as current jet aircraft have yaw dampers which are engaged when airborne and remain on for the duration of the flight, it's even a requirement for most, if not all jet transport aircraft. It prevents dutch roll tendencies and serves to keep coordination throughout flight. Current jet fighters definitely have sophisticated autopilot systems so to say that the aircraft in Arma 3 during the year 2035 would be unrealistic to have automatic yaw control, that doesn't seem right.
  12. It is annoying but it does happen in reality and is called adverse yaw. When banking to the left, for example, the left aileron is up and the right down. The right wing now has a greater angle of attack which produces more lift and more drag so the airplane has a tendency to yaw in the opposite direction when entering a turn. However, the adverse yaw is very easy to conttol by using the rudder and staying coordinated through the turn. The problem with Arma 3 is that using the rudder with keys is either an on or off effect so it doesn't really help and the coordination of the turn just goes to hell anyways.
  13. I just wish the aircraft would turn when in a bank instead of having to bank and then use elevator. Plus every aircraft seems to fly crooked after a bit unless you correct it with rudder here and there. Then you start doing maneuvers and its crooked once again, like you have right rudder deflection in when no keys are pressed. It is most noticeable on the Buzzard and as a commercial pilot myself, drives me nuts when things aren't coordinated!
  14. I don't have a build number but the video was recorded on Sunday, February 14, 2016. It was on a dev branch at the time I believe.
  15. I submitted a video here a few pages back and it seems to only occur beyond 30 rounds. If you fired quickly enough in semi-auto, it still does it as well. Based on my testing, it only applies to these vanilla weapons which are all apart of the Marksmen DLC pack: Navid Mk-I EMR Mk14 SPMG