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  1. Yes, but FIA (look at your first post again) is BLUFOR... Have you created the waypoints for the car or the driver?
  2. Noddan

    Tasks not working

    Try tskobj_1 setTaskState "Cancelled" //Noddan
  3. After you've deleted all waypoints, create a new one at their current location. Below is a script I've used for a helicopter named "heli": while {(count (waypoints group _heli)) > 0} do { deleteWaypoint ((waypoints group _heli) select 0); }; waypoint1 = (group _heli) addwaypoint [getpos _heli,0]; //Noddan
  4. Killzone Kid found a workaround in the feedback tracker, you have to execute the commands twice at the moment. notepad attachto [desk1,[0,0,0.4]]; notepad setdir 90; notepad attachto [desk1,[0,0,0.4]]; notepad setdir 90; and for "_i" from 1 to 2 do { notepad attachto [desk1,[0,0,0.4]]; notepad setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]]; }; both work! Check out issue ID: 0007228 //Noddan
  5. @DMarkwick: Yes, no difference @2nd Ranger: Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Hello, I also have this issue, how did you solve it? I'm trying to attach a notepad (called "notepad") to a desk (called desk1) and rotate it 90 degrees. I feel like I've tried every solution suggested in them concerning "setDir" and "setVectorDirAndUp". For instnace (used in the notepad's init line): notepad attachto [desk1,[0,0,0.4]]; notepad setdir 90; notepad setpos getpos notepad; (this one leaves the notepad on the ground, rotation still unchanged, even if I change it to "setDir 110" for instance) And as the examples suggests on BIKI: notepad attachto [desk1,[0,0,0.4]]; notepad setVectorDirAndUp [[0.5,-0.5,0],[0.5,0.5,0]]; (nothing happens by adding the setVectorDirAndUp line, no matter the numbers) //Noddan