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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Hi guys, as you could notice in development branch change log, certain fixes and improvements were done regarding the discussed fatigue mechanics. Great many of them, and even those too trivial to be announced in particular (mostly those regarding some too slow animations) are based upon your valuable feedback so thank you very much for it ! As the work still continues, you may expect future changes and tweaks to come and to be announced here or there. Feel free to further discuss the issue and also your desires and needs. Despite we cannot deliver everything instantly, processing it helps us to realize the overall aggregate game play feelings and expectations about this feature and thus helps us to plan and optimize it's further development. To disprove certain misconceptions that arises in discussion: Animation speed slow down always affects the actual "moving" speed alike by the same degree. It looks better this way than to slow down animations and speeds disproportionately.