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  1. No, but if i use this method players will spawn within the radius which will include the areas i don't want. Is it not possible to set an array of player spawns and assign them to a Respawn Module so when the player spawn on the respawn module it randomly selects a position to place the player?
  2. Thanks for the reply, but could you elaborate a little? I've created Description.ext and added the line: respawnOnStart = 1; Placed an Infantry Respawn Module and named it "respawn_west" Added a bluefor unit, set my custom loadout Launched the mission in MP This allows me to select the Respawn Module for the town i want to spawn on (which is what i want) but i still spawn exactly on the respawn marker (which is not what i want) How can i have the player spawn at other locations after selecting the respawn marker?
  3. Hi All I'm wondering if its possible and if so how i can use Respawn Positions and specify certain areas to spawn it. For example. I have a mission with 2 towns that players will spawn in. I would like the players to be able to select on the respawn screen for example "Elektro" as a spawn area, but have the player load in to specified areas around the town. When i use a Respawn Module in Eden editor i am able to select the town i want to spawn in but i load in at the position of the marker. I want to some how link player spawns to this marker so they load in at the player spawns rather than on the actual marker itsself? If that doesn't make sense i think what i'm trying to re-create is similar to the respawn mechanics from DayZ Origins... Thanks in advance
  4. pendaz

    Digital Compass Bearing

    I like this a lot, but im experiencing the same issues as SaL_iOGC when i have the bearing indicator enabled- i get massive frame drops every 3-5 seconds. This stops when i disable the bearing indicator. Is there a fix for this?