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  1. I have tried without any benchmark, configs or %appdata% entries to no avail. Decided to reinstall Windows and now its working fine again.
  2. Hello! My game is freezing/crashing the second its launched. I've tried to reinstall/rollback my graphics driver, but that didn't change anything. You can see the logfile here: http://hastebin.com/uyereqaver.tex and i've tried running both -nobenchmark and -winxp to no effect. The launcher starts fine, but as soon as the main "window" comes up, it freezes and crashes (crashes when i try to close the process via Task Mananger). Thanks for the help! Edit: I have deleted the entire game, and I am now downloading the game again from Steam. Edit 2: Downloading the game had no effect. The game still freezes. See screenshot here Edit 3: Reinstalled Windows, and the problem is now gone. Solved.
  3. I'm having some wierd problems regarding signed keys ACRE and CBA_A3 (Cannot connect to the server, error beeing keys not matching). Can someone help me in private with this? If so, please send me a PM or ask me here for more information :) I've tried multiple sources of ACRE and CBA, and made sure I use the correct bikeys and bisigns keys, but the server does not hesitate to kick me. Edit: I've now tried to launch and connect with only CBA, CBA and Alive and CBA, Alive and JayArma3/2lib and those work perfectly, however as soon as i add Acre I get kicked because of bad keys.
  4. I used this method for a few months, but now lately, it has stopped working. I have included the error/log from Wine. Does anyone know how to solve this? [ EDIT: Solved. Fault was that i was trying to load ALSA sound drivers or something, so i went into the registry, and changed it to OSS and now it works flawlessly. Using wine 1.7.4 i think aswell.