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    Lawless Servers

    Thanks, all makes sense now as to why it so bad on these servers... maybe time to switch to the official servers.
  2. saboertjie

    Lawless Servers

    Thanks Shane, I did not know that. Will see if I can track down the owners of the server...
  3. saboertjie

    Lawless Servers

    Yes I know that I can play on the premium servers now but I like to play with my friends, some of them cannot play on the premium servers. I also bought the supporters pack to get rid of the ARGO "advertising" that comes up on the screen and annoys the crap out of you. The server was the "CUSTOM - COOP FRAGZONE#2 *Overflow server* updated". I think I know the difference between ARMA and ARGO. Even if this is not a premium server at least try and do something to ensure players have an enjoyable stay on your servers. This is the link to the video, just joined and getting TK'ed. Problem here is this has been going on for the whole day - pull the logs and see for yourself. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164946263
  4. I have made the donation to become an ARGO supporter. I am now regretting that decision as your servers are virtually unplayable due to the current state of team killing. Players with the tags "_John_Cena_" and "Randy_Orton" is creating havoc on the server sitting at the spawn killing his team mates as the leave the protected zone to get into a chopper. He would take a chopper and purposefully fly it into other chopper with players trying to enjoy the game. This situation really needs to be addressed or you will loose most of your supporter base. I would suggest that you at least implement a vote kick system so that players can get rid of these type of player. I will make a recording of this and if you need the evidence please contact me. Thanks