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  1. --Mission Statement-- The 21st U.S. Army Ranger RGT is an active COOP ArmA 3 unit with a goal to provide players with the most realistic combat experience possible while maintaining a mature, calm, and friendly gaming environment. -- 17+ age requirement -- WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYONE BELOW THE AGE OF 17 -- _________________________________________________________________ -- Official Website -- 21strealism.com -- TS3 Info -- ts3.21strealism.com [PASSWORD: fubar] -- Twitter -- @21stRangerRGT -- Instagram -- @21strealism _________________________________________________________________ // AN EVENT FOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK // -- Daily Operation Schedule -- Mon-Sat: 6:30pm PST Sun: 3:00pm PST Operations usually run between 2 and 3 hours in length. Whether you're a hardcore player looking to log tons of hours, or someone just looking for a few operations a week, the 21st has a place for you. // PERSISTENT SIMULATED DEPLOYMENTS // Embark on operational campaigns that span several weeks at a time. Save your progress and continue where you left off. // AIM HIGHER & TAKE TO THE SKIES // Become a pilot and join our Whiskey Air Team to provide ground troops with the support they need. // BASE BUILDING & LOGISTICS SYSTEM // Players can build fortifications, establish FOBs and COPs, transport materials, and conquer terrains. // HIGH QUALITY DEDICATED SERVERS // Experience minimal lag, 99% uptime, and focus on enjoying the game. We offer multiple servers including a training base, and a sandbox in addition to operations. Our dedicated servers utilize Headless Clients to load balance AI calculations and ensure great performance and responsiveness. // LEAD THE WAY // Develop leadership skills through our NCO Professional Development Program (NCOPD). Leadership courses designed by active and former military re-imagined to fit into Arma. We welcome new leaders and it has always been said that what you get out of this unit is dependent upon what you put in. // TRAINING CLASSES PROVIDED // Training is half the experience that ArmA can deliver - if done right. Learn FO/FDC procedures from active and retired Army, or jump in the cockpit with actual pilots. When a new player joins the unit, the first step is RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program). RASP is the only required training course for all users to complete. Many other additional classes and programs are offered, but are entirely optional to the player. Additional training classes offered include: Ranger School, JFO, FO/FDC, DMR, Advanced RTO, Advanced Medical, Reserve Pilot Program, Pilot Rotor Qualification, Pilot Fixed Wing Qualification, BLC, ALC, SLC, Recruitment Officer Training, and Sapper. ___________________________________________________________________ --Teaser Videos-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQtIwAYTmuY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrrYBYoMC1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36ySR8Er808 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQVuVxEV1r0 ___________________________________________________________________ --Official Website-- 21strealism.com TS3 Info: ts3.21strealism.com [PASSWORD: fubar] We look forward to your future enlistment!
  2. Congrats on the update guys! Outstanding work as always. o7
  3. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    S.O.C.O.M -- Mission Generator & Intelligence

    Looking like a promising option for some truly dynamic objective creation, and a great alternative to similar systems. Two suggestions for further expansion: 1) Allow players to scroll through individual objectives to be created via the laptop, but leave the option for "Random" in there as well. This will increase usability while not restricting your current setup. 2) Allow mission editors to place marker(s) for areas of operation in Eden. Creator can put a rectangular marker for example similar to TAORs with ALiVE, and that area will be used for objective creation as opposed to random areas all over a map.
  4. New crash logs and dumps from v21 1.66.140795. Was unfortunately only able to gather logs from two users this time, however these exact issues crashed 8+ clients simultaneously over and over again throughout the session. Something is happening that forces multiple users to all crash at the exact same time. This issue has been happening for a long while, and is not specific to v21. Google Drive Download
  5. New crash logs/dumps from 11 different clients. All running new v19 1.66.140687. Google Drive Download
  6. Dwarden, I have some additional logs/dumps from a user running 1.66.140454 PROFILING binary. Google Drive Download
  7. Numerous crash reports from 4 different users. We are all using the latest perf binary (Version: 1.66.140454). - These crashes have persisted for a long while, this is simply the first opportunity I have had to gather info from numerous users. - Included are all available .rpt, .bidmp, and .mdmp - All reports are from users running same perf binary, in the same session. Multiple crashes in same session. Some 8+ times in 3 hours. Hopefully sheds some light on what is going on. Google Drive Download
  8. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Sound looping makes this mod unusable in MP. Many people cringing when sounds play. Needs debug. - When double clicked, food/drink plays sounds 3 times over eachother.
  9. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Heros, Sounds work much better with distance now in multiplayer, but they play over eachother in a loop which distorts and does not sound correct.
  10. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Heros, The eating and drinking sounds are very loud in multiplayer, and can be heard from very far away. Perhaps look into evening out the sound levels and the distance these can be heard. It is very funny when you have 10+ people eating and drinking at the same time!
  11. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Hello Heros! Another congrats on where your addon is heading. I found an incorrect translation when drinking water. It currently says "Drinkung water" when it should say "Drinking water." I also seem to have found a bug. You cannot drink while in the driver seat of a vehicle. In addition, have you ever considered making a camelback item to carry water? Most military carriers have water bladders in 3liters. Could be minimal weight (as they attach to vests) and refillable at water sources.
  12. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Outstanding update. That was totally the right move. Adding so much more playability to your already outstanding addon. The Arma community needs more people like you. Quick-thinking, and responsive to other community members. Just for documentation, what's the process of disabling certain features and icons? 07 salute.
  13. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    Heros Survive

    Heros, Please add the ability for people to enable and disable features easily. Say for example, some people might only want a thirst/hunger simulation without body temperature, heartrate, and money. As features are disabled the UI would need to react accordingly. If we disable money, the money icon should be removed along with check functions disabled. This would improve your mod greatly by allowing users to customize the experience to fit specific playstyles/scenarios.
  14. [LTC] Vegas =21st=

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Unfortunately, I have noticed several issues with AI since 1.60, and these issues carry over to dev branch as well. The AI do not appear to register sound at distanced >200 meters. They also make no effort to scan or locate targets. They forget that they are being shot at a few seconds after it stops. This makes coop missions extremely easy and renders suppressed weapons useless. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Here is a video demonstration I have a support ticket in regarding these issues here