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  1. Thanks, was not thinking of searching like this... so far it just delivers the context, but there are more "API" results so I will check if there is something I can use.
  2. I am looking for a way to let the server communication with external applications, for example let an external application handle some workload. Right now the only way of "communication" I found is over reading and writing JSONs.... Write a request for example in a JSON, make the applications take the request and write the answer back in a JSON to let that be read by the server. But this is a very inperformant way of using it. To be more clear, I want to extend the actions and decission making of the AI to an external application... first to get the engine more "lightweight" and to have more ways to configure or define the actions / reactions. An API or event driven trigger would be nice on that.
  3. I am running it on an SSD with everything set to it's maximum. It is not a problem of the fps. It is just a problem of the distance and angle to the viewer.
  4. I don't mean the skybox.... I mean the flickering, things "bugging" through walls, flickering and so on. Sometimes you see things that are actualy behind an other object before the object. There is a problem with the resolution of the z-buffer or more in the sorting of the objects. Especially when it comes to transparent objects. Maybe, just maybe if they update to DX12 in on this the update the engine to 64Bit, it might help... as long as they realy change it and not just rename it. I know, it is a lott of work. But I think it would be worth every single second they spend on this.
  5. How is the z-sorting, buffers and the clipping realised in arma 3? I am noticing several issues with the engine on this in certain angles to objects and on the distance. May it be possible that the resolution for this is too low for the buffer or are there some issues with the sorting? No matter where the problem is set, there seems to be a lack of accuracy on this which is disturbing the gameplay a lot.