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  1. You have to have the picture in picture (PiP) video setting enabled.
  2. Finally, loading it as I speak:) I know that MCC and Alive had/have issues with each other, but that is kinda old intel. I think I am not really up to date on that. Does anyone know whether running alive and mcc together still isn't possible/recommended? Because I am slowly getting into editing and scripting, and alive just eases things... Another question: I figured, that only the mission maker gets those MCC markers with the zones and all that stuff. Normal players should only see the AO and very few objective markers, right? Is there a way to turn the MCC zones/exact objective positions etc. off on the normal map for the mission maker? (because it really takes away the fun if I am playing with only one other guy and I am seeing all the exact locations when looking at the map). Thanks in advance!
  3. The mod version has an own console item, the non-mod version uses the UAV Terminal as the same item.
  4. What exactly do I have to do to get a mission similar to the downloadable MCC map version? Like, I want to have an MCC template I can select with e.g. chernaus from the arma 2 mappack with a working MCC, reviving&respawning etc. What do I need to do to get that?
  5. Nice nice! I love the marker-stuff:cool: When can we expect these features to be released?
  6. Ha, nice work! Like usual, some questions here and there: Will you be able to do similar things with simple markers aswell? (like rotating etc. in the 2d Editor) Is it by engine possible to have two people in MCC editing at the same time? If so, do you intend to implement something like that? As I already mentioned, it is a little confusing that those zones can be seen by everyone on the map. Is there a way that only the mission maker in MCC sees those markers and normal players don't? (because of the already mentioned reasons, e.g. that objectives you are supposed to find can easily be found by searching for the little "orange boxes/zones" on the map).
  7. Alright figured. Now, does the mod version have any significant advantages over the map-version? (besides that I can use the mod-version on any map). Because I have some issues with the mission template the mod versions contains: I downloaded and activated the mod and as you said it comes with a template. But for some reason I can not get respawn working on that template like on the map version. When I die I end up in the death screen WITHOUT the respawn option, if I try to hit escape and click respawn nothing happens (this is the case no matter whether I set a respawn location or not). Also: I did a little testing with this SQM saving thing: the problem I have here is that when I save the text file into a sqm mission some of the things are gone. Also a lot of the scripts etc. are missing, no respawning etc. etc. is this the way it is? Because then it really isn't an alternative to the profile-textfile saving method. A few questions that came up aswell: - is it possible to rotate the markers you can insert via MCC? - is it possible to have two people use MCC at the same time and edit via the 3d editor at the same time? (like, did you restrict it that way or are there issues with the engine/etc.?)
  8. I will try that, I guess it is enough (like with the custom sound files) if one player has the music file, right? Like my buddy won't need the files to hear them? Yeah, pretty much. Like it would be nice to have a blank map, (just with the objectives but so that you can NOT see their locations). For example, if you look closely: in kill HVT missions there is a always a little orange square where the target is in, most of the times close to an "objective #" marker. And this ofcourse takes away the "finding" part (another good example would be searching for intel in a city). Thank you! That would explain a lot. I guess I exactly made this mistake, many thanks again for explaining that. I will do some testing with the SQM saving and see if that works. What do you mean by merging manually? Also: is there any issue with using the installed mod version of MCC on an MCC template map (besides getting two menu options?). Because I like to be able to have MCC everywhere, but I don't really know how to create a map like the MCC template from scratch with MCC (with the respawns, reviving etc. all working). And another thing worth mentioning: Guys, you did a really f***ing great job with this mod. I literally got two people into arma just due to this mod, because of the possibilites it allows for and tedious things it removes!
  9. I asked that already, does noone have an answer or did you miss it? I'd be glad if someone could help me out (maybe the creator, as he knows his product the best I assume :P) Thank you
  10. Hey, I am fairly new to MCC but I have enjoyed it so far: really nice work! Now I have a few issues/questions I tried to solve myself, but couldn't really, so I am seeking you. I am using the MCC mission version (not the mod) in a simple Arma 3 MP server with my buddy (I host the server). We have the following mods installed: John Spartans&Sauls F18; Arma 2 Heli port, Nato SF&Spetznas Weapon pack; CBA First of all my questions: I really like the jukebox function, but is it possible to add custom sounds/music to it? And if so, how? I usually let the mission generator create missions, is it possible to make the things it adds not visible on the map? (I am aware of the "show markers" and "precise locations" functions, but we still tend to find the objectives very close to some of the markers) And some issues I sadly have: Whenever I try to insert my buddy and myself via any evac (e.g. fastroping , helocasting etc.) I get automatically ejected out of the helicopter on destination, but my buddy stays in for some reason and literally flies back without being dropped off. Does anyone know why that is? I edited a little FOB on Altis (I added flags, custom units, vehicles etc.) and saved it several times (not as sqm). However when I load the different saves, each one has several things missing. One save has no units, one has no flags and fortifications etc. Am I doing something wrong when saving? (I build the mission with MCC; select a slot and rename it and then hit "save"). Thank you in advance, Strick
  11. As far as I know, there is o easy way to do so ingame. You would have to mess around with configs etc. (if possible at all)
  12. Well, currently not. And possibly not for a while, but it will be updated in the future most likely.
  13. Yeah, I know IFLOLS and I am using it ingame (it is quite awesome btw, maybe some day there will be not an in-cockpit overlay, but real lenses on the flightdeck :P). What I mean are markers for e.g. the following(this is only one of several possible cases, I think it is a day at good conditions scenario):
  14. Okay, I got the markermission working (I was waaaay outdated with my mods, they develop faster than I thought they would...). Now from what saw it gives you a marker on the map only (I did not notice anything in the cockpit). This isn't reeeeally helpful, as I was looking for something IN the cockpit (if it was implemented somehow in the HUD it would be awsome) that gives you not only a point straight to the flightdeck, but the real glideslope. Like exactly where you need to fly along (there are several rules for several scenarios, when to lower the hook, when to turn etc. check the PDF in your download for what I mean). So all in all It would be awesome to have something realistic, on the other hand this is not as important as other factors might be. So if you want to give this a try, then do it as you see fit. And thanks for all your work! :)
  15. @TeTeT I put the marker mission into my mission folder, selected it ingame and hit play. It gives me a: "...mission.sqm/Mission/Groups/Item1/Vehicles/Item0.Vehicle: Vehcile class JS_JC_Pilot no longer exists" what did I do wrong this time? :P