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  1. Hi, I realized i used to have 70+fps on arma when i first installed this rig, i've recently followed a popular performance increase vid and done literally everything. I've gotten no change, before 31-41fps, now 31-41fps. I've got a 4090RTX 128gb ram Game running on a M2 4.0 SSD 13th gen Intel core. Meanwhile, my girlfriend just installed the game (same mods, same server, same everything) on a much less impressive pc (only difference is that its newly installed and doesnt have any antivirus, not even windows defender). She runs at a STAGGERING 200fps, even in multiplayer matches with many people, ai and scripts ect. I am mind boggled, jealous and outraged that my pc has over time become magically hardlocked at 40fps. (I have tried doing the shift + NUmbad -, and it's said to unlimited fps). Question is, would factory resetting my pc or removing my Bitdefender boost arma? If YES, Why? how could my antivirus have such a major effect or What on earth have i done to my system that has killed my arma fps and performance over a couple years.
  2. Worked perfectly, what a oversight.
  3. Hey so i've been working with a script that handles "random" item spawning fairly well. Initially it seemed like it would work rather well in multiplayer (from first glans) While that may still be true (in hosted) the script has been incapable of functioning on dedicated server and will not take player positions into account very well. Instead of spawning items around players in each their respective area.. atm it will X AMOUNT OF PLAYERS double the amount of loot around EVERY player and suddenly make a new loot respawn timer for each player, so after 10 people are on, loot will constantly respawn and where ever someone goes, mountains of loot will gradually build up and tear away every last fps. Im having some problems identifying where these issues are coming from. CREDIT to Samscodeco for originally designing this 2 years ago, i just wish he would have been a little more precise about the workings/ limits of it. Now there are some other sqf's in the overall package, but i am 99% certain that this is the one that is causing the issues (or rather, not working on dedicated and thus responsible for the undesired side effects). Hope there's some keen eyes out there who's down to help me out.
  4. That makes alot of sense actually, i might have had the script so much under the microscope i completely failed to consider that aspect, will test asap, but i'd imagine it will solve it as anything that works similar to this, i tend to run through initserver..
  5. Ah ofc, sorry. Calling it through mission Init file Which calls a file in a sub folder that just runs the spawn script i posted and a cleanup script, why they are in 2 seperate scripts is beyond me, though i do see some of the applications in doing so. Heres the Lootinit
  6. I need a trigger to run code on every player/playable unit that enters it, EXCEPT Unit_1, Unit_2 and les say Unit_3. Most efficient way to achieve this? Side note, script that is activated uses "Player removeaction" using something like Unit_4 in thisList && unit_5 so on and so on, wont work here. So far script works with "this && player in thisList", but that leaves me with how im going to exclude the 3 first units.
  7. razzored

    Trigger exception

    Incorrect, clearly your mad scientist brain managed to solve my problem with flying colors without having any context or understanding 😛 But incase you want to know, its regarding one of the features in the new DLC which adds a module that by itself is not that multiplayer compatible, and everyone will get access to it by default. Barely any of the coded in checks works, since i tried using all of them, so i setup something else using a trigger that will ensure that those who aren't TACP don't get the menu. player removeAction (player getVariable ["vn_artillery_module_action_id", -1]);
  8. I was unaware that you used vanilla public zeus or public zeus without them allowing achilles, they might not have the BiKeys to allow it, and thus you aren't allowed by the server to use it there.
  9. This is more modding related, but i cant seem to find a place on the forums for QUESTIONS and help regarding modding. I was signing a mod with utilities. After signing, i put the mod on a server, i put the bikey in server key folder, made sure all of the pbo's were indeed signed by bisign and that my client had the same version of mod. YET, it all attempts i've made, reinstalling and resigning many times, it always kicks me for "Files are not signed by a key accepted by this server". I cannot for the life of me figure out why. It is a fairly large mod, 10gb.. but it gives the error for all files which kind of rules out file corruption. Furthermore i have signed other mods, that work perfectly fine. Any help, ideas or suggestions are welcome.
  10. So any CFG sharks in here who can tell me what in the world keeps being wrong with this? I've rewritten and reformated countless times, no matter what.. just wont work. (It's supposed to be used with the spawnAI module). Problem is with the motorized/mechanized or armor sections of the groups.
  11. Hello there! Im working on a large mission which requires many units in play, sadly arma 3 only has 4 effective factions (i know theres like another 10 tsemi useless factions for my purpose.) The players HAVE to be blufor and the police units are all blufor. I want a script that automatically changes their faction to Independent or attack blufor players? I've tried using EOS to spawn them using the "side" feature, but then they just kill eachother when they spawn, full selfinflicted squad masscass. What im looking for? EITHER Script that makes Blufor AI Attack and kill Blufor players (theres a script that changes us between civ and blufor depending on what we are doing, blufor = bad). Script that looks for and changes all AI Blufor or all AI from a certain classname array into Independent, every X second or something.
  12. razzored

    Dynamic AI faction/side

    Any idea on how i could make all blufor units that spawn dynamically turn independent?
  13. Also im posting the other method i hinted at, its a simple script and may not be the most efficient one, but gets the job done. Add trigger Any player Present (Server only reccomended, unsure if it still work with that ticked though). Condition this && (player in thisList) or ({_x In thisList} count AllPlayers > 0) //unsure if this one will give good results OnAct Nul = execVM "DynamicAISpawnISS.sqf";
  14. Thank you and likewise! I will be celebrating early thanksgiving tomorrow actually, looking forward to some nice turkey and sweet mashed potatoes.
  15. Hello, It will take me some more time to make the changes and send back to you (lots of work, before chrismas vacation). However, to answer your question about factions, you need to define the classes in your "description.ext". Here's an example of custom WEST faction.
  16. Finally looked in mission and i will post a reply in a few hours.. situation is .. eh, ill tell you what to do, setting up respawns for the spawnAI module works differently. Also remember to setup a description if you want custom units.
  17. Hello! Do note, that when using spawnAI modules, you are either limited to vanilla units or you have to define mod groups in your description.EXT In my post history, you will find lots related to CFGclasses and AI module.. Here's an example. Credit to Larrow. Alternatively, you can also. Setup trigger with whatever conditions and activation. Set to "server only". Put this in OnAct: _grp1 = [getMarkerPos "spawn1", east, ["O_Soldier_SL_F", "O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_F","O_Soldier_AR_F"],0] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _wpt1 = _grp1 addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "move1",5]; _wpt1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; Place those invisible pink markers (forgot their names) and name it example; spawn1. //EDIT - They are called "system" markers. You can also remove the 2 bottom lines if you don't want them to have waypoints or add more. Cheers. PS. I also have a script that once trigger activated, spawns "random sized groups" from within a predefined array, around the players that will instantly start hunting players down. If that is more your alley.
  18. quick question, have you managed to make any ai respawn at all? so far? using your method. I noticed there are no scripts in the mission and I recall AI not being able to "respawn". Mind you at the time of writing this, I have yet to open the mission in the editor.
  19. Hmm, try to send your mission and i will have a look at the method you used, see if I can set a condition ect for Ai respawning 🙂 I'm working this entire weekend, so at best i'll be able to look at it tomorrow (Sunday) sometime, else it won't be until Monday 🙂
  20. Jello. Im working on something, where i need an addaction like This addAction ["Get random effect","scripts\randomizer.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 2"]; // this being example. Where the script "randomizer.sqf" then has a list of scripts/scripts paths and runs 1 random of them as a remote server execution (Ie if they spawn something, it has to spawn so everyone sees it, in dedicated environment, though i suppose for that, i just need to put if (isServer) then {Long script that does stuff}; inside the "end scripts" chosen by the randomizer..) So the thing i need help with is the "randomizer" or selection script itself. So far what ive come up with is something along the lines of (NOTE, Scripts are all located in mission folder) _Rscripts = ["scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script2.sqf","scripts\script3.sqf","scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script4.sqf"]; _Rselector = _Rscripts select floor random count _Rscripts; _handle = [] execVM "_Rselector"; Cheers.
  21. razzored

    Random script selector.

    Also @Von Quest why did you pull the plug on Fuse? tried it out some time ago, was quite sad that it does not explode on a dedicated server and that... development stopped.
  22. razzored

    Random script selector.

    yeah, Ooga forgot wordy words. Luckily Vooga from Bonga tribe remembers.
  23. Great work! May i recommend an option to disable vehicles ect.
  24. JEEZ, sorry, i guess the site removed it, i could see it after posting, but now i cant. Lets try imgur instead.
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    Random script selector.

    Why does Arma have so many different commands to call a random string from an array.