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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    doubt they'd go for ww2. Maybe as a dlc at best.
  2. I remember something about a firm that just sat around all day in the 19th century patenting everything, all manner of concept that seemed alien at the time, but when they did become possible they already owned all creations. They lost all their court cases though.
  3. razzored

    Server Mod and Mission

    Are you using ACE? Because Ace does mess with a lot of values.. good to keep in mind if you want to count kills ect, that ACE will make those readings very inaccurate.
  4. razzored

    New to scripting

    Hi there! Being new to scripting you may want to take a look here aswell Towards the bottom, you will also find links to more specific scenarios ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Instead of adding _i1 ect and use it in every init you could use a condition like { if (side _x isEqualTo EAST) then { _x addEventHandler ["Fired", _uni๏ปฟt say3D ["akbar1"];}]; // will take into account any unit that is OPFOR and then add it to the mission init ect.
  6. razzored

    Random script selector.

    Thanks for the info, the script method has been exactly what i needed, especially since there are 40+ scripts in place.. that's a lot of triggers ^^ I do however appreciate the pitch none the less and could use it for something else one day, or someone else might swing by and find it to be just what they need ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. Thanks for the clarification ๐Ÿ˜› I did a workaround initially with script spawned vehicles, then i modified the AI to enter vehicles on own accord. What I learned was this. Exhibit A 5 man squad, leader and other guy goes on foot to objective/sector, while 3 other guys enter apc ect, follows leader and provides excellent fire support and DOMINATE the AO. Exhibit B 5 man team all enter vehicle ect a APC. They stay at vehicle location for like 10 minutes, while their understaffed team is loosing sectors.. they finally move out move close to first sector (which they already have) and take a coffee break for another 10 mins.. then they move a slight bit again (maybe) before taking another break. A few times a whole team would enter a vehicle and do exhibit A.. IE actually be combat efficient, but 7/10 times, if the whole crew was mounted, they would just mess around and do fuck all ๐Ÿ˜› (my only guess would be that infantry linked to sector tactics, get confused when forced to be a vehicle crew by another script?) Apart from custom AI behavior messing with them, i cannot find any other explanation.
  8. Hello again! I don't want to necro an old thread, so ill bring up the elephant here. Someone needed help with custom factions using the spawn ai module, Larrow was so nice to share a CFG he made, which works perfectly. HOWEVER, whenever adding tanks, motorized and such, it breaks the scripts even though I've tried a million ways and OP never shared how he made it work. So my questions are. A. How to i put in the Armor, motorized and mechanized and format it, without breaking the whole thing. B. This question is not as relevant but i figured i asked it here, since i need it for the same project. I want Air vehicles to spawn aswell, which the module cannot do, so i was going to sync AI in air vehicles aswell as their vehicle to the tactics module. HOWEVER, i need to figure out how to make them spawn ect mid-mission and be synced.. or to make them "respawn" and still be synced. (I am ofc aware that respawning AI is not a thing, but regardless, I want so somehow simulate the effect.) Original code by Larrow
  9. Btw I see you only put vehicle class name in the unit section? whereas another guy who seemed to get it working seamlessly also put infantry units in the "vehicle groups".. Will the vehicles spawn in empty or with AI in them? I also noticed that when adding vehicles manually and then adding a script to make AI get in vehicles on their own.. vehicles whose squad leader was inside the vehicle instead of outside, were really bad at moving to sectors and would rather just fuck around. TLDR; Don't i need to add crew members to armor class? Why do they turn off their brain when a teamleader drives?
  10. Thanks Larrow. Yeah the problem i experienced before where it did not spawn anything, most likely weren't due to manpower as it was set to 50. And i only added class to the WEST faction, east also broke every time, so it was 100% a formatting issue, due to not closing off the config correctly ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven't tested any of the things submitted yet, but i will get on that later today/night depending on whereabouts people are in the world ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Will try out ASAP, Thanks man, i like that you added helicopters, but i am unsure if they SpawnAI module will actually spawn and utilize helis. Guess ill find out ๐Ÿ˜›
  12. Question A is my main priority.
  13. razzored

    Problem with an intro

    I don't know how much stuff is loading in the mission or server that lags it during mission startup, but by enabling autoinit, the mission, mods, and whatever else can load when the server starts, then by the time you join, everything is already loaded (except ofc mission scripts that run on the player or with players as a condition) which would theoretically stop it from lagging when you then join. Ofc What do you have running? other then your description.ext?
  14. razzored

    Problem with an intro

    Quick thing, before diving into description.ext, have you tried enabling -autoInit and persistent=1 in the servers startup parameters? this will allow the server to load the mission before players begin to join.
  15. Very nice script, well done and great idea. Much more efficient then having one Private standing around, waiting to get knee capped.
  16. razzored

    Problem with an intro

    Could you post the code? that usually makes it easier to spot any potential issues etc. Cheers.
  17. razzored

    Random script selector.

    Which i dont atm ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘‰
  18. razzored

    Random script selector.

    So like dis _Rscripts = ["scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script2.sqf","scripts\script3.sqf","scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script4.sqf"]; _Rselector = _Rscripts select floor random count _Rscripts; _handle = [] execVM _Rselector // I also removed ; since i dont actually think its required here. OR _Rscripts = selectRandom ["scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script2.sqf","scripts\script3.sqf","scripts\script1.sqf","scripts\script4.sqf"]; _handle = [] execVM _Rscripts // I also removed ; since i dont actually think its required here. // This is a very syntax based question, i am not at a pc with arma 3 installed right now, so i am not able to test it for another couple of hours, so im just hoping to to pinpoint the most likely to give good results, until i can actually test ^_^
  19. Hey i cannot find anything regarding the functions, classes, values ect surrounding the spawn AI module. Iโ€™m working on a mission with 2 custom AI factions spawning and fighting for control, however since it is PVP PVE I want players to be able to select amount of AI in parameters.. not sure how to go about it though. so far in the module itโ€™s set to 20 manpower per faction, I ofc would want more options like 5,10,20default,30,40 ect. I already know the basics of setting up description.ext Params.. but I cannot find enough data on the Ai module to even begin figuring out what to do๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ Any help is much appreciated.
  20. haha thanks Larrow, i looked into one of your old threads and found the answer i was looking for. Legend.
  21. New problem. Everything works now.. Except the AI isn't spawning when mission is ran on dedicated server. Any clues how to call the variables publicly or whatever needs to be done to fix that?
  22. So, i think i got it working? its hard to say since 5 manpower does not equal 5 soldiers.. The way the "manpower" system works is kind of odd, with it being more equipment based? Anycase, right now i used params to set 1 faction to 5 manpower and they have 15 units, the other i set to 50 and they have like 30 units and a few being spawned still. What i did to fix was this, feel free to use or correct if i made any mistakes. Description.EXT Init (the part handling manpower) Also thank you @Larrow You are the person making this mission possible for me as every bit of research i have done, i seem to have hit posts where your answer was THE answer ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Alright, my setup is not working right, i can get the params up and make a selection, but it seems the enemy manpower is the same, regardless. This is what i've done so far. (the modules are called spawnAI_module_West and spawnAI_module_East). Description.ext AIWEST.sqf AIEAST.sqf
  24. hold on, im trying something else... _spawnAI_Module_east setvariable is not a function.. running it in a SQF and using "file" command instead, i have the options now.. just gotta see if it works ๐Ÿ™‚