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    Script Ideas

    Well here's a suggestion that would also benefit me (and anyone else who might need something like this) A mission script/sqf that when called, starts an objective like (go to a random place, choose 1 from array of predefined system markers ect) and kill a target or hack a computer or whatever. The script would not only have to create an objective but also ect spawn in units at or near target and spawn a trigger with trigger conditions, example "if pchacked then call mission1_success" not to mention spawn a pc with an addiction to set pcahacked true; Or if a mission to kill someone, it would need to spawn the target with a name, so the trigger can look if the target is alive or not. TLDR; Essentially a mission template framework.
  2. razzored

    Delete item when drop

    I'd recommend making an "initPlayerLocal.sqf". However, if the mission includes respawning, you might want to use "OnPlayerRespawn.sqf" instead.
  3. razzored

    Zeus noob - A few questions if you please

    In the bottom right you should be able to select "spawn without AI" For units, just double click their squad icon and set their behavior to "careless" and to "never engange".
  4. razzored

    creating a zeus v zeus [help]

    Hello @Tyl3r99 I can think of two approaches to this, as i myself have created an RTS mission and something along those lines before. 1. Use ALIVE, Alive has a bunch of modules specifically made to setup RTS missions, allowing for easy setup of buildings, costs, purchasable units ect. 2. Setup 2 zeuses, you define allowed units to spawn by each zeus. Give them each an "editing area" and disallow modules (no adding all units to zeus). You can then set up let's say a small sector control game (this should be easy, but I can explain further if it's too complicated). You can make a small and simple script to add points to the zeus of whichever side owns the majority of sectors. The zeus can still command units outside the editing zone, he just won't be able to move them, change their attributes or any shenanigans like that. Furthermore, you can also set up scripts checking if zeus has placed ect certain buildings to unlock certain units (RTS), but it would be odd and awkward, in such a case, I'd recommend just scripting an RTS mode, its harder and will require some more skill, but it would be a lot less awkward. For zeus VS zeus, this method is fine though.
  5. razzored

    Zeus hearing players' local chat

    Yes, @meowcat. You do not need TFAR to listen to people talk locally, as long as they talk ingame.
  6. If server allows client mods, Achilles has a module to spawn and move around the whole thing.
  7. razzored

    Zeus editing

    If you use ACE, there are some ZEUS settings in "Addon settings" here you can restrict which factions or even which units arent allowed to be used. Furthermore in EDEN, under ZEUS, there are a large array of modules for this very purpose, one simple way is using cost module to set all the ones you won't let people use, to infinite cost. I don't remember the value to disable them, but i know it's displayed in the module when you open it.
  8. razzored

    Eden Custom Compositions into Zeus

    Yup, there is already tons of zeus compositions on steam workshop for achilles.
  9. The server is using up a lot of resources and you most likely have a ton of scripts looping and slowing it down, ensure your mission is not too cluttered and that the scripts are somewhat performance-friendly and up to date. Like each looping, script can take a few ms of loading time, and a server actually has a limit for current running functions ect. So once a poorly scripted or heavily cluttered mission has been running for a while, zeus will be slowed significantly to the point where you have to spam 100 modules for just 1 to maybe work. TLDR; Your mission is a mess, most likely the scripts used in it. Vanderson is also a WIP, could be that mod also has some scripts that may slow stuff down over time.
  10. In case your servers run 24/7 ect, often I've noticed that If one person logs in and uses zeus, then log out to let another admin login.. zeus does not work for admin 2. I recommend setting up individual zeus modules using steamID64 rather than #adminLogged
  11. Just curious, but why would you move dead bodies around the map?
  12. razzored

    AI Respawns and Waypoints

    Well, to start out it's good to know exactly what you are going to do, knowing that will make it easier to determine the approach. AI cannot respawn. What you want is that upon their death, they are cleaned up, and then a new group with similar loadout and/or possibly the same groupID spawns and try to accomplish whatever waypoints. I assume? I do have a fair bit of experience with AI spawning and Dynamic AI by now.. But I'd need you to specify a little more. What kind of waypoints? like just move and destroy waypoints ect?
  13. Hello! Try this. However, while it will display a warning, side can still respawn on it while the sector is under siege, you will have to add further trigger conditions to stop people from spawning while ect Opfor is within sector. Also as for two sides, simple do that same thing on the other side of sector with Opfor values and it will switch between them depending on which faction holds the sector.
  14. razzored

    Problem with an intro

    Which file are you running it from? I cannot recommend running it from OnPlayerRespawn.sqf as it will play the intro every time people respawn.
  15. Hey, encountered a unusual issue and i have no idea how to solve it or why it exists in the first place 😄 So scenario; Simple script that saves a ton of AI's positions and tasks and then spawns them in at some other time. Issue; If 1plane spawns in air, it will be stuck in the air, unable to move or be moved with zeus. If 2 planes in the same group spawns, 1 plane is stuck and the other will simply fly in circles around the first one.. ?? any clues ??
  16. nvm.. fixed both problems by removing if (isServer) then {
  17. Turns out it does not even spawn anything on dedicated server..
  18. razzored

    Random script selector.

    If we keep this up, we will have a compiled list of every possible way to select random arrays of scripts in the real virtuality engine before 2021 🙂
  19. Ensure that ports such as 2302 - 2305 are open aswell as steam ports. https://portforward.com/arma-3/
  20. razzored

    Frosty Tool Suite

    Thanks for sharing, I never even knew mass effect had mods somehow..
  21. razzored

    ArmA 4? Mil Sim or Sandbox?

    I think it will be a little bit of both. The milsims are all as dependent on sandbox theme as the success of Zeus ect was dependent on milsim units utilizing it.
  22. razzored

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    I hope they handle the coming ES title better.
  23. Just finished the new call of duty, I was very disappointed, yet not surprised.