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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Again these are my worries. I have tried to express on various Social Media platforms owned by BIS. That I would be willing and more then happy to shell out if I was given a large expansion. I am sure the majority of the ArmA 3 fan base would aswell. But what I am worried about is time saving and cost cutting with as you mentioned duplicated systems and no desire to make a comprehensive Expansion. It can be due to whatever reason. From lack of man power to costs involved in making more content to employing temporary developers and not having the financial resources to do so or it being cost prohibitive in the long term. Let me again say I hope I am wrong! The often used rebuttal for lack of content is use Mods. This is fine but often Mods themselves bring negatives-updates break mods. Mods not inherently always compatible with each other. Also is it the Modders responsibility to add aspects missing when obvious things are missing. This is debatable because I am sure someone can say ArmA 3 has enough for what you want to do. Hence my rather reserved feelings. I will no doubt buy the expansion and again would do so if it was on pre-order having seen no content from a Units or weapons etc perspective. I can maybe even say if the Expansion was lite; that EDen makes up for it. But that is my feelings based on the fact I use EDen a lot and Modders are constantly developing new content. Prime example is RHS with version 4 soon to be available. All this is speculation at best regards to what is in store with Apex. There is only one way this can be solved but both Joris and Jay Crowe will not agree to releasing the Apex road map now. This is also maybe an issue for them. What happens if they released said plans and it does show limited content. Would ArmA 3 players collectively decide to not buy because the cat is out the bag regards to we just getting two new assault rifles. A new boat, a VTOL, a light strike vehicle and a re-textured unit or two. Would a potential market disappear if we found out early that Apex is limited? Not to hi-jack this thread. But would you pay more if they promised more and said developer did show you the plans for it? Since ArmA 3 is more accessible as a mod-able game and more Community orientated. Should the Community have say on their development decisions and length of projects?
  2. graemeshute

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It all comes down to how much time, artist and resources they are going or have committed to Apex. That is actual content being modeled, textured and rigged etc. I am approaching this with some trepidation based on what content was developed for The Marksman and the Helo DLC. Not features as say Sling loading and FFV. But actual developed Models etc. I hope I am wrong very wrong. So it may be a whole lot or a streamlined light force. I am willing to pay for for more. But I sincerely hope its not just a few bits and pieces. Its honestly like waiting for Christmas to open your presents. I just hope its not socks that no one wants LOL.
  3. graemeshute

    Development Blog & Reveals

    ROFL theevancat Though on a more serious note. And maybe its a bit speculation on my part. But, I have a nagging suspicion what we will get regards the Apex/ Expansion is maybe a very light mobile force. Maybe just some Marine raiders (MARSOC) and perhpas some PLA spec ops with equipment of irregular warfare. My understanding Tanoa is very dense Jungle based Island. So I doubt we will see much if any new Tanks or APCs. So we are perhaps looking at a highly mobile force brought in behind enemy lines with the confirm VTOL and getting around on a Light Strike Vehicle. On a more then what I expected list. I am hoping said CSAT and NATO get a texture make over for the Tropics regards to a Jungle camouflage, making mission creators have the possibility to play on this island with a large conventional force. And then as a new faction(s) the Chinese PLA are the new OPFOR with supporting amphibious units and systems and US Marines with supporting equipment with everything from the canceled EFV or Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV). The hardest guess work is when did they really start with Apex-more so units and weapons etc? Obviously if work began on units and models a year ago then we can maybe expect more. But if its only been 6 months. We may get a Lite more mobile Spec ops framework. Thus what are they trying to do and what are they prepared to live without is also a factor.
  4. graemeshute

    Eden Feature Requests

    Technical question Karel Will Virtual Garage implementation in EDen allow editing of Vehicle contents? That is lets say a NATO Hunter. You will find 2 MX rifles. 5 Grenades 6 FAKS etc. This isn't accurate I know. But will the implementation allow editing and removal of vehicle contents? So we can place in contents we desire. Excuse me if this was asked or replied to as I haven't read the entire Dev Forum on EDen.
  5. graemeshute

    Development Blog & Reveals

    darksidesixofficial I think what smurf is saying is can he get a status update on the improved lighting tech promised by BIS for ArmA 3.
  6. Great work Sir. Keep up the work:)
  7. graemeshute

    EDEN Camera

    I have the some problem. It started to crop up when they added the Navigation widget at the bottom of the screen. I think its likely a Mod. But not sure which one.
  8. graemeshute

    Eden Feature Requests

    Thanks Karel on the confirmation of Virtual Arsenal implementation feature in EDen. Would save us alot of time going out of one system into another just to customise said War fighter/ Unit.
  9. graemeshute

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Maybe nothing exists yet...other then a VTOL and a Fast Attack vehicle. :ph34r:
  10. graemeshute

    Graphical issues

    Can confirm I have the same issue. Not sure which Mod I updated recently that is causing this. Kinda funny though...
  11. graemeshute

    Eden Feature Requests

    Being able to place Virtual Arsenal load-outs from Zeus directly within EDen.
  12. Chinese Chinese NAR-10 / CS/LR14 Tactical Assault Rifle http://chinesemilitaryreview.blogspot.co.za/2014/11/chinese-nar-10-cslr14-assault-rifle.html QBZ-97 flat-top Keymod Model and Custom Color Variant http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/06/22/qbz-97-flat-top-keymod-model-custom-color-variant/ AK12 http://41.media.tumblr.com/0c6e8ef113ac1897a4f15a013a33b973/tumblr_metc1rhgi41ry0q3wo1_1280.jpg http://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/2/1312/AK-12_Kaliber.jpg http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/aboutus-product-556mm-folding-butt-automatic-rifle.jpg A 7.62 battle rifle with GL and a 25 round mag. See Iranian Fateh. Sits between a new Marksmen rifles and the lighter assault rifles. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/10/06/iran-catches-modular-bug-meet-fateh-assault-rifle/ A Russian-esque Mutiple Grenade Launcher. Carried as secondary. In Launcher slot. Armed open modern UAZs. A light machine gun. Like a RPK. With drum mag. Rails and forehand grip. Heavy zentico railed PKP MG. Light AT Launcher where 4 rockets can kill at Tank or anti personal rockets. Longer range then a Grenade launcher. New optical site https://www.all4shooters.com/en/specials/trade-shows-2015/SHOT-show-2015/optics/sig-sauer-Electro-Optics/ Tank x track amphibious support. Fast attack vehicle. One for NATO and one for CSAT. Must have a AT launcher and an MG. An APC with a Gunner. Something like a modern M113. An Armed truck. 50 Cal gunner. 2 plate carriers. One for a Machine Gunner and the other for a rifleman. 2 New backpacks. One that is for just CSAT factions. Medium capacity and Large. An Anti-material rifle with AP and Explosive rounds. Talon sword uav small. Deadly. Sneak into bases lay down MG fire. Remote controlled car (RC) with C4 attached. Drive it in and Boom. See bad boys 2. A Firescout UAV with maybe a MG and single rocket pod. Medium VTOL Heavy VTOL. Lift alot or troops or sling load a Tank. New battle scope that maybe does something like see through walls New Green hex camo for CSAT...for jungle. I rebuild a Hex texture from a vehicle texture i saw from you guys but I did it in Jungle colours. Its vector and you can have it for free. A New spec ops pistol. http://www.tactical-life.com/firearms/russian-military-says-goodbye-to-the-makarov-and-adopts-arsenal-strizh/ More Chinese faces. Chinese languages. More Iranian faces...needs to look Middle Eastern. NATO has like 10 heads. Combat aircraft for air dog fights. Medium Transport helo with Door gunners. CSAT needs a ghosthawk type helo. Single personal portable Mortar. Carrier by one soldier for indirect fire. US Marines Colt Modular Rifle http://www.defensereview.com/dr-exclusive-scar-who-meet-the-colt-cm901-modular-multi-caliber-7-62mm-nato5-56mm-nato-battle-carbinesbrrifle-for-u-s-military-special-operations-forces-sof-and-general-infantry-forces-gif/ Custom Ar15 for US Marines https://www.pinterest.com/pin/567735096750799216/ Chinese PLA Portable one man mortar http://www.yugoimport.com/en/proizvodi/60-mm-m70-commando-mortar-0
  13. graemeshute

    Eden 3d editor

    Can we have a system to inherently import Virtual Arsenal load-outs into EDen with leaving EDen?
  14. graemeshute

    NATO/Russian AK SOPMOD Pack WIP

    Yeah I know that feeling about failed hard drives. Great to know you still developing. Thanks for the continued effort etc.
  15. graemeshute

    NATO/Russian AK SOPMOD Pack WIP

    Warlord how goes this Mod? Long time. :rolleyes:
  16. graemeshute

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Alwarren I can confirm Helicopters etc can spot SDV's no problem. Makes a stealth insertion a problem
  17. Well...hopefully it wont be an elaborate ruse :wacko:
  18. Hi anyone concerned... I am looking to get a new PC just for ArmA 3...and gaming. I am so out of the Specs scene and have not kept up to date with any of PC component industries for a few years. Money is a bit of an issue but I can get from a local supplier stuff at cost price. I need a no BS spec list on what will run ArmA 3 covering everythig from running unoptimised Mods to the possible expansion Tanoa FPS drop predictions.
  19. graemeshute

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Hi Misty....a question for you. In light of the Terrain reveal. Do you feel this will have drastic effects on the RHS/ US/ Russian Mod development? Namely updated Camouflage/ texturing. Likely Amphibious ambitions. Russian marines? Ships etc? Do you feel the Mod will be tied more exclusively to Stratis/ Altis or should I say non jungle vegetation island mods.
  20. Good day I have been interested in updating Ataboo's XM 25 Airbursting Grenade Launcher for sometime now. But I am very new to ArmA 3 modding scene. I have yet to actually be able to model something in Maya. I am though trying. But there is never a perfect moment to do something so if not why not? I am though a Graphic Designer with solid experience in Photoshop and Illustrator etc. My goals are outlined below: More ammunition types • Armor Piercing • Thermobaric • Flare-from IR to Standard flare colours • Smoke: Standard smoke grenade colours • Flechette-Shotgun rounds on steroids! New features and improvements…if possible • Airburst (In front of or over aiming point) This used to work. • Point Detonation • Point Detonation Delay • Window (Beyond aiming point) • Increased magazine size-10 Rounds...they are 25mm in any case. • Improved textures: OD green, MTP, Tan, Black and CSAT Hex. • Possible Damage radius increase-My understanding Air bust grenades are more lethal then standard grenades. • New model...higher poly count. RAS rail system. Aesthetically should look 2035ish. • Refined HUD includes White Hot, Black Hot. Standard Day and Night vision modes. • Increase weapon range: The XM25 has an effective range for point targets of 600 meters, and a maximum range for area targets of 700 meters. • CSAT version...visual difference in model and textures. (Cherry on top). If anyone is serious and keen to help a noob. Please e mail me at g@guerrilladesign.co.za Ataboo has released this mod for further development. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20735 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155104-ataboo-s-XM-25-Airbursting-Grenade-Launcher-%28ATA_xm25%29
  21. I updated the files...Thanks for the info. New download link http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=66246593385964593854
  22. I was kinda searching for the Hexagonal CSAT vehicle camo and had no luck. I then found a picture online and used that as a bases for a Vector version of it. Please remember I sampled the colours with a 3x3 colour picker. So the RGB values may be off by 10 percent. If anyone knows the exact RGB values please pop me a message. I will then update it correctly. My intention was/ is to make art assets available for potential mod makers of ArmA 3. Download link to Illustrator CC file with 150 DPI png version as well. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=04535043223373984409
  23. graemeshute

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Hey Yoyo2a welcome to ArmA 3:)
  24. graemeshute

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I am curious with Virtual Garage...I am not sure if its fully integrated and stable yet/ fully released. But will RHS be adding more Virtual Garage functionality soon? More then just cosmetic options like new camos? Configurable vehicles like choosing weapon systems?
  25. Hi there...I cant get this trigger to work.I am so stuck. I been battling for two weeks now how to get my trigger in ARmA 3 to fire. I have Googled my ass off and the suggestion still doesn't work-to group the trigger with the IFRIT. Basically I have two AAF units that have names. When they're destroyed they will activate 1 OPFOR IFRIT to move along a predefined path. Also the IFRIT has specific name I called it CSATCAR 3. It has a trigger on it. I have other CSAT units in the same area so I cant use a OPFOR Not present trigger. When the IFRIT is out of the trigger area 5x5 it is meant to activate a two groups of stationary OPFOR infantrymen-again to move to a set area. On preview of the mission the infantry move off even though the IFRIT is in the trigger area. They are only meant to move off when the IFRIT moves from its area and only when the two AAF units-vehicles are destroyed. I have grouped the trigger and synced it with the IFRIT. I have tried both and together. Nothing works. I can mail you the mission but its replicated in VR.