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    Trump Tank

    Rofl awesome idea. A Trump tank to guard the Trump wall
  2. graemeshute

    Upcoming DLC

    Yeah good luck with that...you know BIS is going to sit on any and all details till a month away from actual release date and then Wham! You will get EVERYTHING with nothing left to the imagination. Your Honour I present Apex. There likely wont be any change regards their PR policy.
  3. graemeshute

    HAFM NAVY v1.0

    Finally boats for Tanoa...sweet thanks Hafm
  4. graemeshute

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks RHS for all the goodies. So when you guys gonna make yourself as RHS 3D faces in Arma 3?
  5. graemeshute

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I came across this...wow she sure is pretty. But when it is fielded in its entirety is a good question. http://www.janes.com/article/63600/army-2016-kalashnikov-unveils-rpk-16-lmg
  6. Still hoping this would be my Christmas present...especially having the Characters from OFP in game and updated.
  7. Hi there I have tried for two days to ascertain how does one play a "low ranked" human controlled Rifleman in a Squad of AI controlled units on a search and destroy mission. And then half way through said Eden mission. The AI Squad leader grants you control of his 6 man Squad, with you now being able to control the units. I am part of the squad grouped. I cant find the working syntax for is Leader of or set leader. I also doubt a way point on me of Join will work as I am already part of the unit from the start. Unless said unit is disbanded only to join and lead later. I know there is a Mission in the original Cold war crises in Red hammer. You play half way through and are given squad level command. Also unit swapping via playable also is not what I want.
  8. Success:) I recreated a clean test mission in Virtual. Set a trigger. Copied text from forum and pasted it. It didn't fire. Then recreated a new trigger and now it worked. I am on Dev build and I have occasionally noticed triggers sometimes don't work and then with the exact same code creating a new trigger it works flawlessly. So thanks theend3r
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will test now. I enjoy the witty replies. But genuinely my skills is average on these matters and it gets a bit frustrating because it was done in OFP so in theory it should be doable in Arma 3. Especially working on a mission for a week now and being stumped by just this one thing. Perseverance hey? I doubt its because its multiplayer. i often mainly set my missions up to be single player. That is even as far as setting AI units to not playable. Reading your Code you used brackets (group unit1) selectLeader unit1.. BIS Code is group player selectLeader player; However i tested this on remote exec. You right it works. But on a trigger...Nothing. Said Trigger is set to activate on OPFOR-my group faction, unit named unit1. i am corporal and team leader is Sargent. I have included in activation hint"IT WORKS" so it will display the text if it fires. Again must be the Trigger.
  10. graemeshute

    3den Enhanced

    Czech it out:) Thanks dude keep on trucking
  11. Sir...in my most patient voice if I could have done as you so politely pointed out like abracadabra decipher below Example 1: group player selectLeader player; Example 2: Make unit a leader from server:[group _unit, _unit] remoteExec ["selectLeader", groupOwner group _unit]; I wouldn't be here now would I? I tried placing this group player selectLeader player; in a trigger. Guess what it didn't work. Group? What group? Group ID? Tried that. Give a group a name tried that. Gave myself a name. Tried that. There is no other supplied info. The issue is people like me have with these forums. There is no simple point for point step one. Create a playable character called John. Give john a way point of Move. In Move way point add this text (COPY THIS) in the initialization. So pointing me to things I can Google myself is not much help no offense.
  12. I don't think I was maybe as clear as I could have been, but that would have added to this already long winded post. "I cant find the working syntax for is Leader of or set leader." Basically I cant get that command to work. I looked for additional tutorials on setting up of the actual system. And I cant get it to work
  13. I believe its something to do with set Leader or is Leader. But I just cant get it to work.
  14. graemeshute

    Jet DLC?

    Why do I get the nagging feeling we will get at best two Jets-maybe three if we lucky. That cut Alpha F35. And features that are free...tied up together in PR as if its meant to make said paid DLC appear "MORE"? I would at the least expect 4. And the fourth a neutral country-Some British Tornado. CSAT, NATO and AAF-remember those guys? Likely the modus operandi will be ooh configured jets to make them appear more a CSAT SU 35 AA or CSAT SU 35 AT. Some re skinned "new" flight suits with decals accessed in Arsenal with some option to colour your Helmet. NATO Rising Sun. NATO US Flag. NATO Tan colour. Likey two sorties as missions. Drop a Bomb on Convoy. Top gun face off against a OPFOR Ace. The fly boys need to be taken care of.
  15. graemeshute

    UAV Discussion - Feedback

    The camera/ turret view at long range needs to be stabilized. If you doing recon with with Drones you have excessive camera shake when zoomed in-even if the Drone just hovers stationary.
  16. graemeshute

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Rock on....:)
  17. graemeshute

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    Anyone suspect/ hear/ theorise we getting some new firearms?
  18. graemeshute

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    In light we had Special Forces Operators added to Apex and the Squirrel logo a quick Google netted me this. “Secret Squirrel†is a military nickname used for operatives who are on highly classified missions. It generally applies when the individuals are not allowed (because of classification) to disclose their service, their status, or their mission. Such individuals could be Intel (from any of the branches), or they could be CIA, or they could be Special Operations Forces (of any branch, depending on the mission). The Squirrel could also be an inside joke like Bohemia Cat. Some Red herring I suspect its some special forces missions. Maybe we will get some new gear. But Tac-Ops (Tactical operations) seems pretty self explanatory. From the two previous DLC's we can deduce maybe its bare bones...likely a few missions and some shiny bits. The tech guys can correct me if I am wrong but a more fluid animation system for CQB I understand isn't possible. Karel is at the new studio. Karel builds systems then again maybe he isn't touching Tac Ops. Could be a Battlefield system to get said team from A to B and support them-as mentioned Modules?? Dynamic missions on the fly for Tier one assets the experience missions changes on the go? Once again the no news routine until one month before release and then we will get everything with nothing left to the imagination.
  19. graemeshute

    Malden DLC discussion

    Is the Malden DLC just the island or can we get some story even if its a few episodes thats kinda tongue in cheek. Like CSAT invades the wrong island.
  20. graemeshute

    3den Enhanced

    Hi Revo Thanks once again for the continued development of 3den Enhanced. I did a bit of scanning of this thread after your new Steam workshop update. But the Ambient Animations and Ambient Combat Animations. I noticed that an option in Ambient Animations is missing. That is making an AI be able to sit at a Desk or Sit on a chair. And a lot of the Ambient Combat Animations are now in Ambient Animations. As in Stand slightly turning around with rifle. As you are aware one set of animations forced the AI into an animation state and even after you being detected they are stuck in this animation loop. While the Ambient Combat Animations put them in a temp animated state but they could break out if under attack.
  21. graemeshute

    VBS3.7 new maritime features possible in ARMA3?

    I think its safe to say maybe in Arma 4. I did some checking for availability of Arma 4.com. That URL was purchased by BIS roughly one year after Arma 3.com was bought. I believe the new studio will soon start on Arma 4. Hence the two vets-Joris and now Karel going that side. Karel is the dude who cooked up Arsenal, Zeus and 3Den. So if he is there he is there for a reason. Check job listening also. If a Studio hires people they cooking shit up.
  22. graemeshute

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Then who is the mysterious modeler we can thank?
  23. graemeshute

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah Thanks Red Pheonix for modeling the Zenitco stuff.
  24. graemeshute


    I would like to reserve the right to debate this but not on a public page. I will inbox you.